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  |  First Published: November 2005

It’s been another month of fantastic weather, with no shortage of fish and plenty of action out from Rainbow Beach.


I have done a record number of charters this past month with the wind barely reaching 15 knots on any trip. The Wide Bay bar has had little or no swell for almost three months.

We have had another run of snapper come through, making it relatively easy to bag out on a number of occasions. Most of these snapper were around 2-3kg with a few bigger specimens of 6-7kg. If you are targeting big snapper, try fishing for them at night using floating baits.

Parrot have also been plentiful and very easy to catch, which makes great fishing for beginners on the offshore scene. These fish are top quality eating too.

I have taken a few beginners out lately and have rigged their line up with 50-60 Gamakatsu circle hooks baited with mullet pieces. This is foolproof on parrot – they basically hook themselves.

Cobia have been thick and I've rarely come home from a trip without a few of these hard fighting fish onboard. On one trip my crew could not get their bait to the bottom without getting slammed by one.

Scarlet perch, or large mouth nannygai, and pearl perch have also been on the chew in wire weed areas. Some of these fish have weighed 4-5kg.

My favourites, the reds, have been biting well, particularly on the northern grounds along Fraser Island. I have been fishing bait shows in very close to Fraser Island where the reds are feeding off big schools of yellowtail scad (yakkas).

Some customers are amazed that you can send down a single live yakka into an area that is already teaming with yakkas and catch yourself a nice red. The most likely reason for this is that when the reds go in to pluck a baitfish from the school, the baitfish scatter and your bait, unable to flee, becomes the easiest target.


There have been big schools of chopper tailor between Teebah Creek and Carlo Point in the afternoons. They are easy to see because the sea birds have been picking up the scraps that the fish are feeding off.

I spoke with one fellow who had been catching chopper tailor for a week in this area, and most of his fish had been around 40cm.

Whiting are on the go pretty much everywhere close to the sandbanks from Snapper Creek to the bottom end of Fraser Island.

Mud crabs have been sparse: they probably had a bit of a caning over the school holidays, and the lack of rain hasn't helped.


There are nice whiting and dart to be caught from Rainbow and Teewah beaches. Unfortunately, the dreaded weed was back on our shores in early October, which has made fishing for them difficult.

Northerly winds and a sharp rise in water temperature have brought the weed, and big south winds and seas are possibly the only cure.

November should see pelagic species such as spotted mackerel start to turn up. There were heaps of spotties last year, and hopefully we will have a lot of fun on them again this summer.

If you would like to have a fish off Rainbow Beach with Ed Falconer on his charter boat, Keely Rose, give him a call on 0407 146 151 to make a booking.

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