SARCA anchors
  |  First Published: November 2004

SARCA anchors are designed in Australia and manufactured in Australia and New Zealand. The unique patented design is revolutionary, offering a combination of superb holding with infallible trip characteristics, making SARCA anchors nearly impossible to snag.

They have become the market leader in Australia, being enthusiastically adopted by Coastguard, Police and Fisheries Patrol vessels, commercial operators and the boating public. SARCA anchors have passed survey in all Australian states and received New Zealand Marine Certification.

SARCA stands for Sand And Reef Combination Anchor. A modified plough type, it can be used successfully on a variety of bottom types, including mud, sand, reef, gravel and rock, eliminating the need to carry two or more anchors.

A great deal of research went into creating the angle of entry so that the anchor bites every time. A semi-circular bar or ring ensures that the anchor deploys correctly, turning it right side up as soon as the warp comes tight. SARCA’s down-turned point digs in immediately and the specially engineered flukes follow, driving deep into soft bottoms or wedging securely amongst rock and reef.

SARCA’s foolproof tripping system provides total anchoring security and peace of mind, even over rock and reef. Simply motor the boat over the anchor until the warp is vertical, let go a metre or two, then cleat it off and drive slowly ahead. The stainless steel shackle connecting the chain to the anchor slides forward on the shaft, lifting the SARCA anchor flukes first before automatically re-setting itself so the anchor comes up the right way.

Relatively light and easy to handle, SARCA anchors can be used in conjunction with most bowsprits and bollards, but SARCA recommends using them in conjunction with SARCA bowsprits and SARCA spring-loaded bollards for a unique and efficient anchoring system.

SARCA anchors are available in 12 sizes to suit boats from 10 feet right through to 140 tonnes. For more information or to find your nearest stockist visit www.anchorright.com.au. or phone (03) 5984 4700 - SARCA

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