Green Grabs BASS Pro Title
  |  First Published: November 2004

David Green, a 38-year-old Toowoomba sales representative, was the sixth angler to capture the BASS Pro title by claiming victory in the Yamaha BASS Pro Grand Final. He bagged an impressive tournament limit of 8.45kg, easily outclassing the rest of the field fishing the waters of Lake Boondooma, the venue for the final.

David’s consistency over the weekend saw him positioned in 4th place after the first session, 5th after the second session, and 1st at the end of the 3rd session with a winning margin of 910g.

Saving the best for last and weighing in his biggest limit for the tournament in session three (3.27kg), Green demonstrated that cracking that all-important pattern and sticking with the game plan can pay dividends.

In second place was fellow Toowoomba resident Zack Kronk (6/6, 7.54kg), followed by Trent Butler (6/6, 7.53kg), Baden Sparrow (6/6, 7.53kg), Harry Watson (6/6, 7.49kg), and 2003 BASS Angler of the Year Steve Kanowski (6/6, 7.45kg).

Green used the omnipresent Jackall lipless crankbait to capture the title, alternating between three different lure sizes and models: the TN-70 (Ayu colour), TN-60 (Ayu colour) and its soft-styled brother the Mask Vib60 (Ghost Wakasagi colour).

Fishing for an edge bite, Green focused his attention on the weed-lined banks that dominated much of the middle reaches of dam. Locking onto an area that he had located in the Thursday pre-fish, Green concentrated his time on a stretch of bank and point that was no longer than 50-80m.

Positioning his boat in water that varied in depth from 10 to 15 feet, Green presented his lure as tight in against the banks as the weedline would allow him, and opted for a retrieve that saw the lure return to the rod tip in a slow, yet effective manner.

“I had to regularly remind myself to slow down the retrieve,” Green said. “If I did it too fast I just didn’t get the same number of hits.”

Green’s choice to persevere with his chosen game plan and choice of location paid dividends in the 2nd session, enabling him to capture that all-important second fish for his limit. When wind conditions changed, making Green’s favourite location less than ideal to fish, his decision to change location and target deeper banks and holding fish proved equally as successful.

Using an Ecogear 3” Power Shad in Natural Pro Blue, rigged on a 1⁄2oz Nitro jighead, Green presented the offering to schooled and scattered fish adjacent to some deep banks and open flats in the middle reaches of the dam. The change in tactic provided Green with his largest fish for the weekend.

Green’s tournament tackle included a choice of two rods, both from the Angler Rods stable. His baitcaster outfit was comprised of a Stealth- DCX 842, 2-3kg, 7’ rod, Shimano Chronarch SF, 20lb Tuff Line, and 16kg Water King leader. While his spin outfit included a Stealth DCX 841, 1-2kg, 7’ rod, Team Daiwa Advantage 1500 reel, 4lb Fireline, and 6.7kg Water King leader. One of the notable changes that Green made within his tackle was the upgrading of the trebles on his lures. Opting for Owner trebles, he replaced the middle treble with a size 6 and the rear treble with a size 8.

Second place getter Zack Kronk, while also choosing to begin the tournament fishing the banks, moved his attention and focus towards schooled fish as the event progressed. Targeting fish in the middle reaches of the dam and towards the junction between the Stuart and Boyne arms of the waterway, Kronk alternated his approach between Jackalls, fly and soft plastics.

Seeking out fish in up to 20 feet of water, Kronk’s tackle included a G.Loomis 783 Crankbait rod, Shimano Chronarch SF, 20lb Tuff Line and 16kg Water King leader. When fishing with Jackalls, Kronk opted for the Mask Vib60 in Ghost Wakasagi.

His fly outfit included a 7wt Matrix Innovator rod, Striper Taper fly line, 14lb Nitlon leader, and chartreuse and black Bass Vampire fly. His outfit when using soft plastics included a G.Loomis 7’ GL2 Popping rod, Shimano Sustain 1000 reel, 4lb Fireline, 12lb Nitlon leader, 3/8 oz Gamakatsu Flathead jighead and Squidgy soft plastic.

While all this provided Kronk with the tools to capture a fantastic tournament limit, it wasn’t enough to overcome the outstanding performance of David Green. When prompted for a reason for his success over the weekend, Green said he put it down to “a bit of luck, the pre-fish, and sticking to my game plan and not panicking”.

Information for the 2005 BASS Pro Series will be available in the 2005 Tournament Anglers Guide, mailed to all ABT members in 2005. Call Simon Goldsmith during business hours (07) 3268 3992 for more information. - ABT

Naming Sponsors: Yamaha, Bluefin Boats

Series and Associate Sponsors: Motorguide, Special Trailers, Bassman, Daiwa, Kokoda, Evakool, Rapala, Squidgies, Berkley, Halco, Angler Rods, Mako, Shipton, Shimano, Solas , Nitro, Ecogear, Strudwick, Gladiator, Scott fly rods


Yamaha BASS Pro Grand Final Results

1David GREENQLD68.45
2Zach KRONKQLD67.54
3Baden SPARROW2.2767.53
4Trent BUTLERQLD67.53
5Harry WATSONQLD67.49
6Stephen KANOWSKIQLD67.45
8Kerry EHRLICHQLD67.29
11Mathew MOTTQLD66.83
12Stephen ALMONDNSW66.69
13Jason EHRLICHQLD56.54
14Gavin DUNNEQLD66.5
15Andrew HOMANNQLD66.31
16Kerry SYMESQLD56.01
18Jamie KANOWSKIQLD55.65
19Greg WALTONQLD55.58
20Trevor STEADQLD64.77
22Craig SIMMONSQLD54.42
24Andrew ROBINSONNSW34.07
27Tony PAYNEQLD33.11

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