Macdonald a challenge
  |  First Published: October 2005

Lake MacDonald seems to have returned to its slumber-zone status once again. The place can be infuriatingly difficult, and then someone flicks a switch and the fish begin to cooperate again. Winter is either a great bonus where the fish are easy to catch and plentiful, or dead quiet and hardly worth the effort.

This winter we saw periods of both. Tossing small spinnerbaits around the weed points and along the many weed faces has produced some pretty good fish. Similarly, small bibless rattlers probing the depths have also brought some pretty tidy fish to the boat. Runway Point, Three Ways and Fry’s Run have all been worth a look.

I haven’t spoken to anyone who’s been up to the other end for a while, so I’ll just have to go and have a look myself.

Trollers have found the bass rather hit-and-miss as well. The old creek bed is always worth a run, and of course the bubbler is worth several. Extra deep lures are the go in these areas. With the dam still hovering around 100% the creek bed is generally 25-35 feet down. The fish that hang there are closer to the bottom structure than they are to the top, so use lures that are capable of diving 15 feet plus.


Borumba has been a reasonable option of late, with bass starting to show up in the Kingham and Yabba arms. Beetlespin lures cast around weed beds and submerged lantana have produced a few fish, as have extra-deep minnows trolled along the rock walls.

The resident saratoga have also started to show some interest in lures. This fishery should be well underway by October and as summer rolls on we’ll see more and more ‘toga taking lures and fly. Camping is available only a few minutes from the boat ramp so come on up and have a crack at some quality saratoga fishing!


1. Keen Cooroy angler Bushy trolled up this winter MacDonald bass on a frog pattern Borer Extra Deep.

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