Bream love dirty Bay water
  |  First Published: April 2008

Fishing after Sydney’s big wet has fired up. Botany Bay has had the flush it needed and it’s been years since I have seen such an amount of stuff floating down a chocolate river as it all headed towards the open sea.

Bream just love all that dirty water. They seem to feed for longer than they would in cleaner water but finding them can be a problem.

After lots of rain it often might take me some time to find the fish again and the odd trip spending most of the day searching might prove rather tough. It’s similar if I have had a week or two away.

But here are some tips to help you find fish in Botany Bay or your own home system.

Try starting a small notebook and keep this in your boat or in your tackle box so it is with you on every outing and list certain points about each day.

• Direction of the tide is very important. Last trip you might have fished a run-in tide, say with the wind from the north-east. In Botany Bay this is just right; once at anchor I know that my boat will hang with the tide and wind and my berley trail and lines will drift away from my boat, not under it.

• Know what time the tides are on the day you head out; I find this very important. Say I have a high tide at 9.30am, I would spend the first hour or two anchored fishing the rising tide in deep water or in the shallows for bream and trevally.

About 8.30, head to the bait grounds and load up so you can fish the turn for kingfish.

If it was low tide at 6am I would head to the bait grounds first so I could then anchor at my first spot with live bait, knowing that the start might be slow due to the low tide on first light.

• Weather conditions are also important – is it overcast, or sunny, calm or blowing at 20 knots? Note the wind direction. All this might give you a head start directing you to a certain spot to fish because you have experienced these conditions before.

• Time of year is very important. It’s no good heading out in the middle of August to target kingies just because you caught heaps on the last trip back in March. You’ll be wasting time looking for kingies when you should have anchored up and targeted trevally or trolled for tailor.

• Keep an eye on what is caught each week by checking fishing reports on the internet or at bait and tackle shops to give you a good idea what is worth targeting. I have a fresh Botany Bay and offshore report on www.fishingsydney.com.au. It lists what I have caught or what I have seen caught by others.

• Learn how to fish your area. It’s not about soaking a prawn on the bottom and drifting from one side of the bay to the other.

The most important thing you can learn is the right rigs for lures, bait, soft plastics and live baits and the right time and species to target with them. Good anglers know this and apply all of these methods at times and regularly catch good fish.

In fishing comps over the years the same faces are there every weigh-in. They know what is right for the time of year and what they are targeting each time they head out.

You will find keeping notes very handy and as you gather info you will see a pattern forming to point you in the right direction to becoming a better angler. My monthly fishing school can get you started, details are on www.fishingsydney.com.au

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