Yamaha’s new mid-range EFI four-strokes
  |  First Published: October 2004

YAMAHA has released four new four-stroke outboard models to further boost the strength of the mid-range sector of its line-up. All four models feature an advanced Electronic Fuel Injection system.

Launched by Yamaha are: the F50F, a 50hp EFI model; F60C, a 60hp EFI model with std lower unit; FT60D, a 60hp EFI model with high-thrust lower unit; and the F80B, an 80hp EFI model with double overhead camshafts.

Utilising Yamaha’s exclusive multi-point fuel injection system, the new 50hp, 60hp and 80hp four-stroke models deliver exceptional reliability, high performance, quick cold weather starts and smooth, comfortable running. The 50hp and 60hp models feature a four-cylinder in-line cylinder block that displaces 996ccm. The 80hp model also features a four-cylinder in-line cylinder block, but has a larger displacement of 1.596 litres.

In applications where weight and space are rated highly by boaters, the new Yamaha 60hp and 80hp models are both winners. They are 4kg lighter than their four-stroke carburetted counterparts, and in profile they have almost the same dimensions as two-stroke outboards of the same power output.

Of particular significance are the environmental aspects of these new four-stroke outboards. The EFI system ensures clean burning in virtually all operating conditions, and all four new models comply with EPA 2006 and the ultra-stringent CARB 2008 regulations.

The entire engine operation in these new models is controlled by the advanced microprocessor (Engine Control Module). Inputs from six sensors are computed to deliver the precise and optimum fuel/air mixture to each combustion chamber. The ECU provides warning data to the operator for situations such as low oil pressure and overheating. Engine over-revving is also protected.

When at sea, the reliability of the engine is of the utmost importance. An advanced feature of the Yamaha four-strokes is the Fail Safe System. In the event that any of the sensors are in trouble, the Fail Safe System keeps the engine running to bring you home safely.

In addition to the standard F60C Yamaha model, the Yamaha FT60D model is a designated high-thrust outboard. By utilising a wider gear ratio of 2.33:1, boat operators benefit from greater thrust in bottom-end and mid-range situations. The Yamaha FT60D delivers the world’s highest thrust in its class.

While the Yamaha F80B shares all of the technological features and operational benefits of the Yamaha 50hp and 60hp four-stroke EFI models, the Yamaha 80hp EFI also has a number of unique attributes. The key feature of the Yamaha 80 is the double overhead camshaft. This is responsible for better valve timing and flow of gasses through the powerhead. Four valves per cylinder improve the intake and exhaust efficiency.

Yamaha outboard engines are available through an Australia-wide network of authorised Yamaha outboard dealers. All Yamaha outboard models are fully backed by a comprehensive two-year manufacturer’s warranty. For further information contact Danny Casey Sales and Marketing Manager Outboard Motors Yamaha Motor Australia on (02) 9757 0011 or check out www.yamaha-motor.com.au. - Yamaha

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