Top spots for young anglers
  |  First Published: October 2004

G’DAY QFM readers, my name is Kieren Rogers and am 17 years old and live in Brisbane. I am a keen fisho, and spend my spare time fishing the Jumpinpin area out of my 13’ tinnie. I mainly chase flathead, bream, trevally and tailor on lure and fly. I also frequent the Mooloolaba region with my dad Mick, bottom bashing for pearlies and snapper or trolling for cobia and mackerel from our 6.4m plate boat. A major fishing milestone for me was catching my first greenback at Fraser Island during the tailor season a few years back.

Starter Spots

Good fishing locations for young anglers have become quite scarce in the last few years. Not having access to a car or boat, can at times make it difficult to reach the more ‘remote’ fishing locations. Below are some locations that are easily accessible and are junior angler friendly.

Nudgee Beach

This is a great location for young anglers as it is a relatively short drive for Mum and Dad. It is renowned for its abundance of quality tablefish such as bream, whiting, flathead and the odd trevally. Young anglers fishing from the bank can expect good results using lures and bait. Nudgee Beach fishes well on high and low tides. This location is ideal for the younger anglers as there is plenty to do when the fishing is quiet. Nudgee Beach can be found on map 111 (L, 15) Brisbane UBD.

Wellington Point Jetty

The Wellington Point jetty has provided many anglers with trophy fish and good times for over 50 years. This jetty plays host to such species as bream, flathead, whiting, tailor, jewfish and the odd squid. During the day the fishing is good from the jetty and, being well lit, anglers can experience some good night fishing here. Fishing from the jetty is a good way to introduce fishing to the younger kids, and provides a first-rate fishing platform for the older anglers.

Wellington Point jetty is a stone’s throw away from the local bait shop and is home to a double-lane boat ramp. I have found the best baits for the jetty are strip squid baits and prawns.

Wellington Point Jetty can be found on map 165 (C, 9) Brisbane UBD.


The Redcliffe foreshore is often disregarded by the older fisherman and considered an average fishing ground, but this is not the case. When fished on the right tide the foreshore is an assured location for getting a feed.

While walking the foreshore it’s important to have adequate footwear, as the foreshore is home to many stonefish. The best baits for this area include prawns, squid, gut and strips of mullet. The ever-popular Squidgy has been responsible for reasonable hauls of bream and dusky flathead along this stretch. Redcliffe is home to a handful of boat ramps and bait shops, it’s easily accessible and makes for a great day for family fishing. Redcliffe can be found on map 92 (D, 6) Brisbane UBD.


Ever since I was a youngster Jumpinpin has been regular fishing location for myself and my family. The ‘Pin’ as it is often called, provides the younger anglers with a good chance of taking home a feed.

Jumpinpin encompasses everything essential for a great day of fishing, with a number of places on hand for fresh bait and a multitude of fishing areas. If catching your own bait isn’t your thing, there’s an array of local fishing and bait stores at your disposal.

Fishing from both the shore and from a boat will nine times out of 10 produce results. The best baits for the locals include chook gut, squid and mullet strips and livebait. Fishing the run-out is the preferred tide, but either tide will still fish reasonably well. Jumpinpin can be found on map 308 (E, 9).

Southport Seaway

The Seaway is regarded by many as a dangerous fishing ground. Although there is some truth to this statement, when fished correctly and carefully it is a fisherman’s delight. The Seaway is easily fished with both lures and bait. Your best bait is to try fishing when the tide isn’t running so hard; this will ensure that your bait reaches its desired location.

The Seaway is extremely slippery at low tide so wear correct footwear and don’t wander off on your own. Most lures will produce results, but it’s important to have patience when it comes to lure casting and don’t be afraid to try different colours and different shapes. Southport Seaway can be found on map 92 (D, 6).

Until next month, good fishing to all you youngsters out there!

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