Better catches at Borumba
  |  First Published: October 2003

THERE hasn’t been much joy at Lake MacDonald lately, with catches way down on the results of this time last year. Where are the fish? The local stocking group has certainly put plenty into the lake every year with more to come. Whilst some might go over the spillway I can’t believe that the majority do. Anyway, we haven’t had enough rain for any more than a trickle to spill over the dam wall. If all the resident fish are up in the weedbeds it must be very crowded down at Cabomba Central.

The deeper runs around Three Ways have produced a few fish lately on extra deep divers and bibless rattlers. Soft plastics rigged on Rev Heads worked slowly along the bottom have also accounted for some quality fish near the Runway.


Up at Borumba Dam the situation is much brighter. Anglers trolling the rock walls with deep running minnows are pulling some nice bass and a few fat yellows into the boat. Tossing small minnows, gold spinnerbaits and beetlespin lures around the timbered areas of both Yabba and Kingham Arms has produced plenty of good bass right up to early September. As the water warms this excellent run can only improve. There have been some good catches of saratoga in the same areas and a few hefty yellowbelly along the steeper banks.

It seems that one key to achieving success in Borumba is to find the warmest water. It makes sense that the fish will be more active in these areas and that they will congregate there if conditions allow. Indeed, during a recent session there with Mark Pertot from Davo’s we encountered a purple patch once we located some warm water and hammered the area with lures.

1. This 63cm Borumba saratoga was tempted out of the sticks by Mark Pertot with a cut-down 3” muscadine Slider dunked in garlic and rigged on a gold Betts jigspin.

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