Whopper catches at the ‘Pin
  |  First Published: September 2005

The weather is starting to warm up a little and it seems to have fired up the fishing throughout Jumpinpin’s many estuaries and passages. There have been some great catches coming in and the good fishing should continue to improve as we head into spring.

We’ll start with Dave Fredericks who caught a monster 22kg jew out the front of Swan Bay – one of the biggest fish we’ve weighed in for a long time. The area out the front of Swan Bay has produced a fair few jew (mainly schoolies around 2-5kg) over the past couple of months, with the turning of the tide after dark the best time to fish.

Another cracking catch was a whopping 22kg cobia which was caught just north of the ‘Pin by Stewart Norton. The reefs off the ‘Pin have also been producing small snapper, trag jew, leather jacket and sweetlip.

Along the beaches the tailor have been running pretty consistently with decent greenbacks around the 3kg mark. My brother Richard headed out to chase tailor recently and although they were a little finicky, he did manage to land a 2.7kg Australian salmon. They are not the best eating, but do put up a great fight. Choppers are available from inside the bar to Short Island and have been caught as far in as Tabby Tabby Island.

Some big winter bream have been caught along Kalinga Bank and in the surf off both North and South Stradbroke. Chook gut, worms and bonito flesh have all been the pick baits for these larger fish. Plenty of smaller bream are available from Short Island, the Powerlines and the mouth of the Logan River.

A heap of good quality flathead have been coming in around the 1kg mark; at this size they put up a fight and are also great eating. Be careful when unhooking lizards as they have sharp teeth and spines on the side of their heads that can deliver a swift and nasty gash. Use gloves or a towel and handle them with care, especially if you are going to release them.

The sand flats between North and South Straddie have been very productive and small blue pilchards have been the best bait. Some other good spots to try are Little Rocky Point, Canaipa Passage near Oak Island and the bottom of Tulleen Island.

There aren’t too many large whiting about but we should expect them to become more active as the water temperature rises. The best spots for a feed of whiting have been Tabby Tabby Island, the Green Bank and the mouth of the Logan River. Bloodworms and beachworms are the best bait, but you could also try peeled prawns or soldier crabs.

Thanks for all of your great reports and if you need any advice or local information drop us a line at Gem Bait and Tackle on (07) 3287 3868 or email --e-mail address hidden-- I’ll catch you next month.

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