Warm me up Scotty
  |  First Published: September 2005

Bring on the warmer weather and the rising water temperature! Traditionally, September sees the start of warmer water temperatures, but don’t be fooled because there is always one last westerly just to keep us on our toes.

After a small rise in temperature, the baitfish will start to push up the rivers, which will make the tops of the systems worth a visit this month. Having had a bit of rain over winter, our systems should be healthy and the fishing good. The best bet will be Baffle Creek as it is the only system without any weirs or dams on it.

Baffle Creek

Baffle Creek has a bit of the dreaded green slime through it, which makes for difficult baitfishing. Lure fishing is a bit easier and the flathead at the mouth have been plentiful.

There have been some good queenfish and trevally hunting around the mouth and they have been hitting soft plastics and poppers. When fishing for them, use plastics with a curly tail or t-tail because the tail wriggles as they sink and the fish will eat them as they drop.

If using poppers, vary your retrieve from start/stop to flat out. You can also try to bloop the over the surface or use a walk the dog retrieve, which involves pulling the popper hard to get a big splash then winding it slowly and shaking your rod tip to give the popper a wounded baitfish look.

There been a few squid around in the mouth of Baffle and these can be taken on squid jigs.

As the water warms the fishing should get better and the famous Baffle jacks should start to hit lures with a bit more vigour. Bottle Creek will usually fire early because it is a bit shallower and warms up a little more quickly. If last jack season was anything to go by, this one should be a cracker, so stock up on Prawnstars and Tilsan Barras and head to the Baffle this month.

Burnet River

The Burnett should be a good spot this month with the last run of tailor schooling around the bait schools at the mouth. This will be the last chance for a good tailor session this season so head down there with plenty of slugs and minnows. An easy way to get into a few is to troll small minnows that dive down around 2m along the north wall and around the diving birds. Remember to flick your rod a bit as that erratic flick often gets the tailor to bite.

There should be some salmon upriver; live prawns and plenty of patience will help you catch one of these prized fish. Toft Rocks will be the spot to try for a jack later in the month with an incoming tide in the afternoon the prime time. Fish soft plastics just under the surface as the tide starts to cover the rocks or try a slowly worked surface popper for explosive strikes.

Elliott River

I have had the odd session in the Elliott lately and am surprised at the amount of angling pressure on this clean, clear system. I have still caught a few fish here though, with 3” stickbaits producing lots of flathead (both small and respectable), a couple of trevally and some small queenies. The incoming tide has fished best and the middle section from Riverview up has been successful.

Littabella Creek

You may remember some time ago I put an energetic effort into trying to get a ramp for the Littabella Creek and at the time the local council told me that it would be highly unlikely as there were seven ramps for other areas in line before it. However, I am pleased to report that the council has finally decided to test to see if there is any public interest in a boat ramp on Littabella Creek.

For those who don’t know, Littabella Creek is located about 35 minutes drive north of Bundaberg and currently does not have a public boat ramp. The creek is a great fishery that in my opinion has been used and abused by the locals who have property on it. There are also a few local professional fishermen who basically do as they please, knowing the only access the fisheries patrol has is the ramp on the property they use.

The reason I pushed for a ramp when I did was because of a small group of locals who vandalised cars that were parked at the mudslide where you used to be able to put small boats in. The locals complained to the landowner of that site and it too was closed to the public.

If you’d like to register your interest, please write to the Burnett Shire Council, Locked Bag 1, Bagara or contact them direct on (07) 4150 5400. The more people who make enquiries, the better our chances are of getting a ramp.

This is a great creek that all anglers should have the chance to enjoy and the more the public use it, the less chance those illegal farm nets will get set.


1. Littabella Creek is a great jack fishery.

2. I made the mistake of taking Steve Booth (QFM editor) and Trent Butler (QFM advertising executive) into Littabella one day and they had a ball, catching 14 jacks between them.

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