Dams delivering bigger catches
  |  First Published: September 2004

WE HAVE had a really cold winter on the dams this year but August has been warm and September should be even better.

Traditionally September is one of the best months of the year to fish the dams for all freshwater species. There are usually fish in many different areas and on different structure to suit a range of techniques. There should be some fish deep on bait schools and others up in the shallows, hunting the weedbeds and points.

Moogerah and Maroon dams haven’t produced as many fish as they usually do in winter, but things improved in late July and early August – and this month should see some great fishing, even with the low water levels.

In Maroon you can target the shallows early and late with surface lures such as poppers, fizzers, walkers, plastic lizards and frogs and so forth. Then, through the day, switch to spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, weighted plastics and lipless crankbaits and run them deeper to where the fish are holding. The fish in Maroon can be particular about lure colour some days, so you need to experiment sometimes. As far as spinnerbait colours go, I’ve found that purples, dark and light are good starters and chartreuse can also be good. Chartreuse is a good colour in plastics, too. In lipless crankbaits, the natural colours are good starters, with my favourite being the Chameleon Jackall.

In Moogerah the water levels are lower, so this month most fish will probably respond to reaction baits (spinnerbaits, crankbaits and so forth) in the shallow water, and plastics and fly out deeper. This dam is nearly always a good dam to spinnerbait in September as the fish move to the warmer water in the trees and shallows. During the last two springs, however, lipless crankbaits on the clean banks out-fished spinnerbaits. Lipless crankbaits work just as well in the trees but spinnerbaits are a little less likely to snag up. Light colours in spinnerbaits are good starters; I like the Greenfish green shad and purple shad. With the lipless cranks the Jackall gold is a good starter, with shrimp and Ayu also good.

When the fish are deeper and not so active, I’ve had good success on Jackall Masks. They are practically indestructible soft plastics and very realistic in appearance and feel.



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