Good news at last!
  |  First Published: September 2003

AT LAST – some positive news to report from the mysterious Lake MacDonald! While the schooling behaviour of the bass in 2002 has not been repeated, there have been small scattered schools of fish that are easily accessed by trolling extra deep minnows. To illustrate this, I recently enjoyed a session on the lake with another fishing junkie and we had all but given up casting at likely looking spots and opted for a troll. I was connecting to a few reasonable bass and my fishing partner wasn’t. As soon as he put on a lure capable of swimming at a depth of five or six metres though, he also started to catch fish.

Rev Heads seem to be all the go around here lately. These odd looking objects have been working a treat for BASS Pro angler Mark Pertot, who pulled some good bass in the mid-forties in early August. Mark rigs them with a natural coloured Slider grub dipped in garlic and then, as far as I know, slow rolls them along the bottom.

Rising star Pete James has also had some good sessions on the lake using these jigs with a spinning blade attached, as has leading lady angler Shae Gargan. Shae won the latest Lake MacDonald Fishing Club comp using these jigs, once again dressed with a soft plastic. She was closely followed by club president Jim Park a mere 10mm behind in second place with a good bass in the low forties caught on a chrome Small Fry lure.

Embroidery tycoon Eddie Sweres uses all manner of lures to catch his bass in Lake MacDonald. Apparently he isn’t fussy and will tie on anything that seems worth a few casts. Spinnerbaits are a favourite of his and he has also pulled some very good fish on gold Small Fry minnows.

We aren’t all that far off putting a heap more fish into this pretty little lake. If you haven’t had success there yet, don’t despair – better years are on the way!

1) Fishkool boss Eddy Sweres with a fat Lake MacDonald winter bass.

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