Winter bonuses from the bay
  |  First Published: August 2004

WIND and cold weather have slowed fishing down a tad but there was still some good fishing to be had over the past month.

The southern end of the channel has improved, with good catches of barra and jacks coming from the Seymour on the run-out tide. If you’re fishing this river remember that it has a sand bar at the mouth which is exposed at low tide. It’s worth working this bar, also on the run-out tide, for trevally and queenfish. We use the large gold Bomber with success there.

The northern end is still going strong; Rob Erskine reportedly hooked and released 20 in one day! Missionary Bay is still fishing well, with good fingermark being hooked in the Bay itself and one or two nice barra coming off Mulley’s Rock.

The creeks in the Bay are producing nice mangrove jacks and some lumpy old cod. When things get a bit quiet, I recommend that you change to a medium Prawnstar and have some fun catching archerfish. Most are about half a kilo but some will surprise you. Kevin Ihle reports that good grunter and some nice bream have been caught but he was still plagued by catfish, mainly at night.

There has been an influx of fish into Five Mile Creek. Staff at the local prawn farm (Seafarm) have been cleaning out their feeder canals, and when this happens they net all the fish which come up as fry. Some of the fish released were metre-plus barra, jacks up to 73cm, milkfish over a metre and trevally to 12kg. Now that’s some re-stocking effort!

Needless to say, some good catches of fish have been boated from there already. There have been plenty of jacks caught from around the intake pipes, and one 3.6kg jack taken from the mangrove roots in at the mouth.


This month you can expect good tides except for the compulsory neaps. Be aware, however, that at the beginning and end of the month we have some real lows down to 0.06! This can make entry to the marina and boat ramp at Oyster Point very difficult at this time of the tide. I don’t think the all-tide ramp Keith Williams promised has eventuated but he’s working on it, so watch out for the dredge and slow down, especially if they are working on the floating pipes.

Most of the good catches of barra have been at the top of the tide for the snags and root systems. I still like to fish the rockbars this time of the year as they seem to fish better. The local theory is that the rocks heat up in the sun and make the water warmer, putting the barra on the chew. I don’t know if that’s right but they certainly fish better in June and July! The best lures for us have been the pink deep diving Leads, a blue and yellow Mad Mullet and of course the gold Bomber.

That’s about it for this month. Safe boating, have fun and remember: Fish for the future, practice catch and release. I’ll see you on the water (I’ll be the one with a beanie pulled down around his ears)!


1) Kevin Ihle with a 16kg (cleaned) Spanish mackerel.

2) The author with a fingermark from Missionary Bay.

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