A pier without peer
  |  First Published: July 2005

One of Hervey Bay’s best-known landmarks is the Urangan Pier and it has attracted anglers from all over Australia for many years. At about a kilometre long and with a sand bar running across it, the diversity of species available is amazing.

The sand flats area that leads into the sand bar is a fantastic place to target estuarine species. Common captures here include garfish, whiting, bream, flathead and shovelnose sharks, to name just a few, and many anglers have no need to go any further to catch a feed of fish.

For those who want a bit more of a challenge, I suggest you try dropping live baits off the end of the pier. My only recommendation is to hang on! All the mackerel and tuna species call this place home from time to time, as do golden trevally, queenfish, sharks, XOS turrum and even barramundi. There are also a few resident groper that make their presence felt every now and then (usually it’s when some poor bugger is trying to land a big golden and has to watch helplessly as it gets swallowed like an aspro). These groper are well over 150kg and aren’t open to negotiation.

A young fella by the name of Kurtis Muller, who fishes the pier a lot, recently broke the pier record for Spanish mackerel. His 36kg Spaniard was caught on an 8kg line on a whole bonito while fishing for sharks, and it took three pier gaffs to get it in! That is an awesome effort, especially off the pier.

This month should see water temps drop a little more, which should really get the snapper on the chew. A couple of weeks ago I had a blast catching ‘squirey’ snapper to a couple of kilos on light line and sweetened rubber tails at the 25 fathom hole.

Mack tuna are everywhere at the moment and have been smashing everything from flies and chrome slugs to Pakula Cockroaches. There are still a few longtail tuna around and golden trevally are schooling up around the pier and Fairway Buoy. Big bream will be around getting ready to spawn and are best targeted on lures and flies or, if you’re a bait fisher, try fresh mullet fillets or soldier crabs.

So all in all, I expect the fishing to be first rate this month.

If you’re interested in fishing the Urangan Pier, call in and see Chris and Alida at Angler’s Den (ph. (07) 4128 9582) opposite the pier, and they’ll be able to tell you what has been caught and how. It’s worth the visit just to check out the photos on the wall.


1) This Spaniard was caught off the Urangan Pier by Kurtis Muller on a Penn 4/0 Senator outfit, 30lb main line with a shark trace, and a dead bonito as bait. It nearly spooled him but after 15 minutes he got the fish to the side of the pier, and three pier gaffs were used to land it. At 36kg it was a new Urangan Pier record.

2) Another new Pier record, a 10kg broad-bar mackerel that was caught in April.

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