Enticing Tinaroo barra
  |  First Published: July 2003

ON A recent weekend my wife Barbara and I fished in Tableland conditions cold enough to break out the sheepskin thongs. However, we managed to catch one nice barra on Saturday night around 1.15m, and went back the next night to find absolutely nothing except for a lovely sunset. Prior to that, previous sessions have still resulted in good catches so far this winter, and hopefully further catches will continue to make the trip ‘up the hill’ worthwhile.

The slight rise in water levels has seen a fair amount of weed growth along the exposed edges. The ever-reliable 8ft Barra Bait has become too deep to work over the weed beds, so we have now moved on to the 1m Vipers, with chrome being a favourite. The Vipers have all the action of a mangrove pod dragged through the water, but still they swim at the right depth and do the damage. Don't forget to beef up your front trebles to 1/0 VMCs and your back two to no.1 VMCs as the packet hooks are far too light for these fish. When a big barra head shakes and opens its mouth, the front set of trebles take all the flex of the fish’s mouth and straighten very easily, without your help!

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