Stessl Family Bass Round 2
  |  First Published: June 2005

Round 2 of the Stessl Family Bass Series saw some tough fishing, but the rewards for persistence were there with some great bass coming to the measure-in.

Senior winner Darryl Dimmick made the most of the fishing conditions and credited most of his catches to the omnipresent Jackall lipless crankbaits. Cast and retrieve methods worked the best and saw Darryl ease his way to the winner’s podium at the end of the weekend. His boat was on fire during the tournament, with wife Monica coming in third in the Senior division.

Last year’s champion Mark Pertot landed the biggest bass at 516mm in the Senior division.

The Junior division was won by Trevor Foote, who also brought in the longest Junior bass at 474mm, while the Sub-Junior division was taken out by John Davies Jnr, who also landed the biggest Sub-Junior bass at 470mm.

With two rounds to go, it’s starting to get hot at the top of the leader boards so don’t miss out on Round 3 on July 9-10. For more information on the event, contact Gordon Turner on 0410 646 609. – SFBC




1 Darryl Dimmick

2 Brad Clark

3 Ian Black

4 Monica Dimmick

5 David Green

Biggest bass, Mark Pertot 516mm


1 Trevor Foote

2 Dylan Mott

3 Sam Mayes

4 Lauren Sargent

Biggest bass, Trevor Foote 474mm


1 John Davies Jnr

2 Hayley Dakin

3 Declan Williams

4 Tristen Clark

Biggest bass, John Davies Jnr, 470mm

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