Monduran Bass Getting Bigger
  |  First Published: June 2005

monduran dam

Monduran Dam has again been firing. Geoff Beyer, one the keenest and most talented local anglers, has had some great sessions. He has been getting plenty of barra in the shallows during the day and his tip is to look for bays with garfish, as this is where the barra also seem to be.

He uses shallow running lures and works them slowly, giving the barra plenty of time to find the lure. The fish have been 40-70cm, which means that the recent stockings have been growing exceptionally well. If the fish keep biting while the shallow water is still warm, it will be well worth a trip in June, especially on a nice sunny weekend.

Although Monduran bass are seldom talked about, they have been getting bigger and are becoming a more viable target in the dam. Foxy, the manager at Monduran, has a great range of spinnerbaits and lures to target the bass and as they fatten up for winter and school, they will be another reason to make a trip to the dam.

Isis Impoundment

The lake is fishing well with anglers starting to catch big bass regularly on spinnerbaits and plastics. The main basin has large schools of average fish that are easy to find with a sounder. Lipless crankbaits and deep rigged plastics are getting a few of these fish to bite. If you are a beginner, try trolling around the edges with lures that dive 3-4m; lures such as StumpJumpers, Tilsans and Legend Minnows are a good choice. Remember that bass are a schooling fish, so if you catch one keep trolling that area, as there will always be a few more fish there.

Barra like this can still be found in Monduran Dam

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