Finally – the fish fire up!
  |  First Published: June 2003

AT LAST we’ve had some excellent fishing in the impoundments! Both Borumba and MacDonald have been fishing well, with some good bass coming out of MacDonald and smaller bass and saratoga up at Borumba.

Spinnerbaiting the weed beds and casting small minnow lures in green or purple along the channels has scored some top class bass in MacDonald. Once again during winter we will see the fish schooling in the deeper sections of the lake, perhaps in the vain hope of some conjugal activity. At this time they are easy prey for trollers running extra-deep minnows, or for anglers dropping soft plastics down into the school and bounce them around. Borumba Dam has been firing for both bass and good quality saratoga of late. The bass (which have only been high thirties and low forties) have taken trolled minnow lures off the points whilst the saratoga have been hammering spinnerbaits around the timber and well presented flies. Andrew Grabham had a ball recently chasing toga on fly that were giving the local population of dragonflies a hard time. Apparently this made for some spectacular surface takes.

This year I’ll be experimenting with a few new techniques. Naturally, many first attempts with something new are failures – but with some fine tuning, patience and perseverance the joy will come!

Don’t forget that Round Three of the BASS Electric series will be held at Lake MacDonald on June 22. Fully catered accommodation will be available for a nominal fee right on the water, so take advantage of it and enjoy a bit of social banter after pre-fishing the Saturday. Last year was a practice round for the hosts at Lake Macdonald, and this year will be much bigger and better. Don’t forget a warm sleeping bag though! For more info phone Steve Booth on (07) 3268 3992.

Lastly, the annual closure on bass fishing commences at midnight on June 1 and finishes at midnight on August 31. This applies to bass in waterways below impoundments but excludes impoundments. If in doubt, check with your local QFS office.

1) This Borumba Dam bass took a liking to a pink/yellow Micro Mullet.

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