Aggressive Barra
  |  First Published: May 2005

Monduran Dam

I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon/night session on Monduran Dam with fellow QFM Scribe Jason Ehrlich and resident barra guru and guide Brett Jones from Stillwater Charters.

The afternoon started well when we realised we had left the esky with our cool refreshments back at home. This was followed shortly after by a fierce hailstorm on the way to the dam. Fortunately the trip could only get better, and it did.

After Jason and Brett cleared the catfish out of the way for my lure, I managed to land a fat 70cm barra on a gold Bomber worked slowly through some timber. I also had a few more very aggressive strikes that failed to stay connected, along with a barra that took the lure a foot off the rod tip in two feet of water. Unfortunately, it too spat the lure, but I was still pretty happy seeing it all unfold at my feet.

Later that evening as another storm headed our way, we could hear barra that were hitting baitfish on the surface and it sounded like someone throwing a besser block from the top of a tall building. We had to head to safety but not before Brett had another barra smash his Tango Dancer surface lure only to spit it out as well.

Isis Impoundment (Lake Gregory)

The lake has been fishing pretty well lately with the early afternoon bite being the best. The bass should start to really chew and increase their weight as winter approaches and this means lots of fun around the weed edges. Spinnerbaits, plastics rigged with jigheads and also Whizbangers worked around the weeds will do the trick. The schooled bass will start to bite as well; they may be smaller but they are usually easier to find and target.

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