Barry 'Obi-Wan' Oxford wins Cressbrook Electric
  |  First Published: May 2005

Leichhardt's Barry Oxford is rapidly approaching Peter Keidge's tally of BASS Electric wins, after he recently notched up the third Electric win of his career and his second on Cressbrook Dam.

Although Barry weighed an identical total weight to local angler, Kerry Ehrlich (2/2, 1.35kg), his big bass of 0.73kg gave him the first place badge.

With Barry already qualified for the MotorGuide BASS Electric convention, Kerry, along with Bob Town (1.28kg), Roy Souter (1.18kg), Trevor Stead (1.15kg), Trent Mander, Ron Evans and Peter Robinson (all 1.10kg) will all receive invites to the year's graend final event.

According to tournament director, Carl Jocumsen, Barry went straight to the deep water and stayed there for the entire session. He found fish in 60 to 70 feet of water that were suspended between 20 and 25 feet down. Barry used smoke coloured Sliders, dipped in clear garlic Spike-It and rigged on a 1/2oz Nitro jighead. He dropped the lures through the schools and slow rolled them back through the fish. Occasionally, Barry would cast, count the lure down and then roll it back to the boat.

Barry's Big Bass also came to this technique.

Kerry Ehrlich fished similar water to Barry, except he rigged with a TN60 Jackall in H/L Black. Both Kerry and Barry used spin gear with 4lb Fireline. – Carl Jocumsen


Top Ten

1. Barry Oxford21.35Pack + Big Bass
2. Kerry Ehrlich21.35Pack + Qualify
3. Bob Town21.28Pack + Qualify
4. Roy Souter21.18Pack + Qualify
5. Trevor Stead21.15Pack + Qualify
6. Trent Mander21.10Qualify
6. Ron Evans21.10
6. Peter Robinson21.10
9. Jason Ehrlich21.05
10. Dan Ryan20.97

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