Stessl Family Bass Round 1
  |  First Published: April 2005

A record field took to the water in the first round of the Stessl Family Bass Challenge at Somerset Dam on the 19th and 20th of February. Some 130 competitors fished hard conditions over the weekend, but some good fish were measured in and all had a great time

The Senior Division win went to Jason Ehrlich, while the Junior Division was won by Dylan Mott and Declan Williams took out the Sub-Junior Division.

Senior winner Jason Ehrlich described the event by saying “I used various colours of the Jackall Mask Vibe 60 to catch my limits. I cast the Jackalls using a Strudwick Sic Stik 7' 4kg spin rod fitted with a Shimano Sustain 1000. The reel was spooled with 8lb Berkley Fireline XDS with a 15lb Vanish leader.

“The retrieve I used was a combination of hopping the lure off the bottom and swimming it for only a few feet at a time. The lure was always allowed to fall back to the bottom. Most bass were taken on the drop and they were inhaling the lure and over half of the fish caught had the whole lure inside their mouths,” finished Jason.

Jason opted to fish shallow water, which was holding less fish than the deeper water but the fish were bigger. The smallest fish Jason measured in went 45cm to the fork, the largest just under 49cm.

Working in the Bay 13 and Pelican Point area, Jason concentrated on areas in the middle of the lake where the bottom rose from 3 to 6 metres.

Jason finished by saying, “The Jackall Masks are awesome lures. They're going to change the way we fish especially in the lakes with bony bream”.

Rounding out the results for the weekend were Kerry Ehrlich who caught the longest bass in the Senior Division with a 530mm bass, Dylan Mott in the Junior Division with a 475mm bass and John Davies Jnr and Declan Williams tying in the Sub Junior Division with a 471mm bass.

The next round will be held on April 23-24 so if you’re interested in competing contact Gordon Turner on 0418 877 525. – SFBC

Senior winners

1 Jason Ehrlich

2 David Green

3 Carl Joccumsen

4 Steve Kanowski

5 Matt Mott

Junior winners

1 Dylan Mott

2 Casey Blundell

3 Lauren Sargent

4 Kris George

5 Nicole Ehrlich

Sub Junior winners

1 Declan Williams

2 John Davies Jnr

3 Tristen Clark

4 Jacob Donahue

Biggest bass

Senior Kerry Ehrlich 530mm

Junior Dylan Mott 475mm

Sub Junior John Davies Jnr & Declan Williams 471mm

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