Bundy’s the best bet
  |  First Published: April 2005

In April we should see the average temperature drop a few degrees, which will bring the water temp down a bit.

In the fresh, the bass and barra will respond by heading into the shallows again to hunt, which is always good fun. Brett Jones of Stillwater Fishing Charters reports that the barra at Monduran Dam have been going off. He has had days of up to 20 barra encounters, which is great news for his customers.

The water is currently warm in the Isis Balancing Storage, but it should become cooler this month, bringing the big bass on the chew again.

In the salt, the Baffle has been running fresh for a couple of months now, which is great news. There have been good reports of prawns and crabs near the mouth, and as the salt works its way back up to the upper reaches so will the prawns.

The jacks, of course, haven’t been put of by the fresh and have still been hitting lures. Prawnstars and soft plastics have been doing it for me lately. I tested some Berkley Minnow Grubs out on the jacks last month and they worked well, accounting for over 20 jacks landed in one session. I rigged them on a Nitro heavy wire 3/0 and never straightened a hook.

My son Hayden has also taken a liking to the 4” Power Minnows. He landed a nice little GT on a recent trip that really gave him a work out.

The Burnett River is continuing to fish well. I have had several trips to the mouth lately and I keep catching plenty of fish. Flathead, bream, trevally, tailor and mackerel are hunting the bait schools on the north wall, accompanied by some big unseen unstoppables.

The tailor and mackerel have been taking small shallow diving minnows retrieved quickly, and the flathead and bream have been eating Prawnstars and plastics fished along the bottom around the drop-offs. If you haven’t got an electric motor, drop your pick a good casting distance from the wall and work the area, then pick it back up and move along the wall a bit. This will cover the area thoroughly without drifting around too much.

Tinnie and Tackle Show

This year I will coming down to the Tinnie and Tackle Show to do a few presentations on jack fishing and how to develop basic fish-finding skills in estuaries. I’ll also do a bit of an introduction to lure fishing our rivers and creeks. If you’re interested in getting a handle on the basics, come on down to the show and say hello.

Last month I asked whether there were any water-related businesses in Bundy that would like a mention of their service. I have had a few come forward but I know there are plenty of others in the Bundy area that might benefit from some publicity. If you haven’t contacted me yet, feel free to drop me an email or call me during working hours on (07) 4153 2996 so I can get your details.

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