Barra in the bathwater
  |  First Published: March 2005

The warm weather has created a stir in the freshwater lakes around Bundaberg. The Isis and Monduran have both been producing fish, but the tactics you need to use are a little different, with edge water temperatures being close to the fishes’ tolerance limits.


The edge water in the main fishing bays at Monduran has crept up to around 36. That’s as hot as most people’s bathwater, and the bigger barra have left the shallows en masse to take up residence in the submerged treetops. Fishing into the evening with extra deep diving lures like the Predatek Viper and extra deep diving Barra Bait has seen some metre-plus fish being taken. I had one shot early the last time I fished the lake, but the fish bricked me solid in 40 feet of water. If big fish are on your wishlist, stay away from the edges and fish the trees in deep water in the middle of the bays.

There have been a few tourists fishing the shallows down the dam wall end of the lake from the shore. They are reported to be throwing just about anything around and catching a few barra around the legal length.

A few of the locals have been a little upset to see barra skeletons lying around the bank. While it’s OK to keep a barra for a feed, make sure it’s the right size and dispose of the remains properly or we’ll all end up being kicked off the lake because of pollution.


There’s one word to describe the Isis Balancing Storage at the moment: hot. The edges are extremely hot and the weed has taken advantage of the sun and warmth and flourished so much that you can’t get a boat near the edge.

Desperate Hervey Bay anglers, who can’t fish Lenthalls at the moment due to the area being closed for renovations, have flocked to the Isis and have found lots of school-sized bass in the 35-40cm range in the deeper and cooler water. These anglers are mainly using ice jigs, but a few bass are being taken on plastics rigged on jigheads. I suspect the bigger fish are in the warm shallows feeding during the night and early morning. I can’t get my boat in there to check it out, however, so we’ll all have to content ourselves with some good numbers of fish in the middle of the lake.

Small beetlespins dropped down deep and worked really slowly have accounted for a few bass in the Isis.

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