Moreton Bay Shark Fishing Classic
  |  First Published: March 2003

THIS YEAR marks the 50th year of the Moreton Bay Gamefish Club, and a shark tournament has been planned as part of the club’s festivities.

The Shark Fishing Classic will be held on March 28-29, ending with a presentation breakfast on the 30th. Both land-based and boating anglers are catered for, with two separate sections and a long list of trophies for both captures and tags on line classes from 1kg to 60kg.

Moreton Bay is still one of the best shark fishing ports in the world where tiger, whaler, hammerhead and several other species of sharks are found in abundance, especially during the warmer months. All male, female and junior members of GFAA and ANSA are eligible to fish, and other anglers can affiliate for the weekend for a small fee. Points will be awarded for both tagging and capture of sharks on a sliding scale across the 11 line classes that can be fished.

For a brochure on the Moreton Bay Shark Fishing Classic or information on other activities of the Moreton Bay Gamefishing Club, phone Gordon Macdonald on (07) 3398 6500 during business hours or Noel Webb on (07) 3286 5762. Hope to see you there. – Gordon Macdonald.

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