Tempting ‘togas
  |  First Published: February 2005

Lakes MacDonald and Borumba have continued to fish very well.

Many anglers have caught good numbers of quality bass in Lake MacDonald, mostly on trolled extra deep minnows and small spinnerbaits cast around the weed beds.

Bass Bay, Borer Creek and Three Ways have been the most productive areas lately and this should continue into February. The only impediment to continued successful outings will be water temperature. Should the lake’s temperature continue to rise it may be necessary to look for cooler water to bring results.

Some of the creeks seem to deliver cooler water during the peak of summer, whilst the depths would also be much cooler and perhaps the comfort zone for fish. Trolling the creek bed starting at the dam wall or the aeration bubbler is a good starting point for those intending to follow the zigzagging remains of Six Mile Creek.

These tactics also bring other fish to the boat from time to time. Saratoga, yellowbelly and Mary River cod are incidental catches often made by those chasing bass. Mark Pertot pulled a 6kg cod from the lake in late December spinnerbaiting the weed beds. On this particular day Mark and his mates boated 18 bass and the cod to round off a very good session. Paul Fleming has also been hot on the tail of plenty of sizable bass.

Lake Borumba has delivered bass also and quite a good number of quality saratoga. The only downside to fishing Borumba is the chaos created by the holiday hordes that ride jetskis and ski behind boats. At least the waterskiers keep to the main basin; some of the jetski brigade find it necessary to travel right up into the Yabba and Kingham arms.

Local Andrew Grabham is continuing to pull good fish out of Borumba and has tempted plenty of saratoga on small poppers and surface fly. A few bass have fallen to the same tactics. Spinnerbaits tossed around the standing dead timber and adjacent to leafy snags will also pull hits from bass and ‘toga.

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