A change of direction for Carpbusters
  |  First Published: February 2005

The very popular annual Easter Carp Eradication Competition will not be held this year.

The ‘Carp Out - Natives In’ concept was started by a small group of concerned anglers in the Rathdowney Beaudesert area, to get introduced noxious carp out of the Logan and Albert river systems and replace them with native fish.

Tired of watching carp flourish and seeing little action taken by those who manage our fisheries, they decided that the best way to achieve their aims was to hold a big community-based carp fishing competition, catch as many carp as possible and use the money raised by the comp to purchase native fish fingerlings to be put into the river systems.

The first Carpbusters Annual Easter Carp Eradication Competition was held in 1997 and it was a major success. Every Easter since then, approximately 1500 anglers have been involved in the comp.

To date, the annual Easter Carp Eradication Competition has taken 10 tonnes of carp out of the Logan and Albert river catchment and raised over $65,000 to purchase thousands of fingerlings for the native fish stocking program.

Carpbusters’ greatest success is that a small group of hard working volunteers has put the Logan and Albert river systems on the map for future commitment from local, state and federal governments to look at the carp problem in these rivers. Most importantly, the federally-funded AIACRC (Australian Invasive Animal Research Co-operative Centre) is planning carp control trials in the Logan and Albert catchment in the near future.

From an idea to get anglers to help with the carp problem, and at the same time put some balance back into these rivers by stocking with Australian native fish, the annual Easter Carp Eradication Competition developed into a major Queensland event, encompassing local and state governments, business and industry, landowners, media and the community.

As the comp grew, so did the requirements for public liability insurance, event organisation planning and risk management. These factors, along with changes to family and work commitments of the small core group of committed and passionate people who have spent thousands of volunteer hours to make this yearly event so successful, has for now, sadly brought to an end an era of Carpbuster Easter Comps.

Carpbusters is very proud of what it has been achieved over the past seven years. Although its members are saddened by not being able to continue running the big Easter comp, they will be assisting the AIACRC with its on-ground scientific studies.

Furthermore, the developed friendships and partnerships are set to continue into the future, with continued stocking with native fingerlings and a focus on developing a recreational native fish management plan for the Logan and Albert rivers in the Beaudesert Shire.

This process should see improved public access areas, signage and detailed brochures on the species in our rivers, with information on size, bag limits, closed seasons, protected species and sustainable fishing practices.

Carpbusters would like to thank all those who lent a hand and were part of the Carpbusters’ ‘Carp Out - Native In’ campaign. You can still contact the organisation by emailing --e-mail address hidden-- - Carpbusters

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