Late season appearances
  |  First Published: February 2004

WAHOO and Spanish mackerel have arrived in the Flat Rock area. Unfortunately, no fishing is allowed within a 1.2km radius of this spot after the Queensland Government rushed through its Grey Nurse Shark legislation in an effort to win the ‘green vote’. Three other prime fishing spots that have been closed off are Henderson Rock, Cherub’s Cave and Wolf Rock. Recreational and commercial fishermen alike have been shafted, but divers still have full access. This is a great injustice, because it was divers with powerheads – not fishermen – who decimated the grey nurse population in the first place!


The fishing in January was good when the weather permitted, with mackerel numbers on the increase and the reef fish putting in good late season appearances. The coffee rock along Moreton Island is starting to see more consistent numbers of school and spotted mackerel but the Spaniards are still to arrive in any numbers. Drifting and trolling the close-in reefs with a spread of pillies and livebaits should bring good results. If you can find the fish feeding on the surface, spinning with small chrome slugs or Laser lures will also do the job.

On the bottom fishing scene, the 33s and 35 fathom reefs east and north-east of the bar have been fishing well for squire weighing up to a couple of kilos. At this time of year the fish are a little harder to find so you’ll have to do a little extra sounding around to find the fish, just away from the main structures of the reef. Floating back pillies as light as the current will allow is as good a method as any.

Fishing the Cathedrals south of Point Lookout on a charter recently we boating good quality parrot and nice assorted reef fish. Over the past couple of months I’ve taken several groups of Japanese fishermen out to do their deepwater jigging and I’ve been impressed with the results – amberjack up to 30kg and numerous other quality fish. It sure is hard work though.

Dolphinfish numbers have been good around the Wave Rider beacon but size dropped away during January.

That’s it for this month, and if you’d like to join me aboard Outlaw (max. 4 persons) for a day’s fishing, give me a call on 0418 738 750 or (07) 3822 9527.

1) Amberjacks are still on the chew and put up a good fight.

2) Quality parrot are being taken at the Cathedrals, south of Point Lookout.

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