February targets
  |  First Published: February 2004

THERE ARE reports of some nice bream being caught in Graham Creek, and the beach area at mouth is a great place to throw a cast net for some livies. Venture further down Graham Creek and into the smaller tributary.

Threadfin salmon seem to be travelling up and down The Narrows but these are not in any great numbers. Black Swan appears to be a good spot.

Some small grunter are being caught in Trees Inlet, particularly near the bridge into the Lilies. The rock walls on both sides of the bridge hold some nice bream as well, which can be coaxed away from the rocks with some berley. I get a small bag of chook pellets from the Feed Barn and soak this in tuna oil, which creates a nice berley trail right to the boat.

Manning Reef on the tip of Facing Island is giving up the occasional sweetlip but be prepared to sacrifice plenty of tackle.

Some nice cod have been landed on the ocean side of Rat Island. This is also an area where terminal tackle seems to pick up every rock on the bottom. Cod here fight dirty and bolt for the safety of rocks and holes as soon as they feel pressure.

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