Less is More!
  |  First Published: February 2003

THE NEW Prawnstar Shrimp is the third model in the range of incredibly life-like prawn imitations to come out of the Primal Fishing factory.

This small lure fits into the size range below the Prawnstar Junior, and is aimed at the ever-growing bream and bass markets – but that doesn't mean larger predators won't get in on the action! On my very first cast with a Shrimp – which, incidentally, was a total mis-cast that landed in the middle of nowhere – the lure was devoured by a small GT before I had time to turn the handle.

I had just picked up a light flick stick (20lb braid, 4kg rod and threadline reel) for the first time in ages and it took a while to get my technique back after years of tossing baitcasters. A threadline reel certainly gives more distance and the Shrimp is light, although those anglers who have mastered tossing light lures with mini baitcasters may not have any problems getting distance.

Designed to give the same flicking action that its two bigger brothers have, the Shrimp is a compact lure with several rigging options. The first option is to run the lure with all three hooks placed in their receptacles. This gives the lure awesome hooking ability and, for fish like bream that will eat a prawn imitation from above, the single hook on the top of the lure is a big advantage.

The second option is to rig the lure without the top hook. This makes the lure virtually snag-proof, which is fantastic for working around tight cover.

The final option is to only use the tail hook. This rigging option works well when the lure is being worked fast in quick currents and the fish have to slash quickly at the bait.

The Shrimp perfectly rounds off the range of Prawnstar lures, and will certainly account for more than its fair share of lure-crunchers!

1) The author with a small GT taken on his very first cast with the new Prawnstar Shrimp.

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