Nothing to Write Home About
  |  First Published: February 2003

THE FRESHWATER fishing in the Sunshine Coast region has been very slow lately. The water level in Lake MacDonald is still dropping, and the fishing there has been very hit-and-miss. The few successful anglers visiting ‘Mac’ have been up and at ‘em at dawn, and some have had success during the last hour or two before darkness shuts the place down.

Borumba has slowed as well, following a few very productive months. It’s likely that the falling water levels, increasing water temperatures and accompanying drop in oxygen levels are at last putting the fish off. Hopefully this won’t develop into massive outbreaks of blue-green algae and tragic fish kills.

I’m told that Baroon Pocket is fishing reasonably well, although water levels there too are dropping. The coast and hinterland has had reasonable falls of rain around Christmas and well into the New Year, and by the time you read this there will hopefully have been plenty more.

1) Fishing at Lake MacDonald has been slow lately, with most catches coming early in the morning.

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