New Freshwater Regulations
  |  First Published: February 2003

ON THE 2nd of December 2002, Cabinet approved amendments to the Fisheries (Freshwater) Management Plan 1999. These changes affect most anglers who fish freshwater rivers and impoundments. For a full list of the changes, or for clarification on any of the changes, visit www.dpi.qld.gov.au/fishweb/ or call 13 25 23.

The following is a summary of the changes.


Silver perch, Barcoo grunterCombined T&P limit 5

Welch’s grunterC&R in Warrego and Paroo river systems

Eel-tailed catfishCombined T&P limit 5 (limit includes Cooper Creek catfish)

Obbe’s catfishT&P limit 20

Silver tandanT&P limit 20

River blackfishC&R only

Blueclaw crayfishT&P limit 100, berried females to be returned in natural range

Redclaw crayfishT&P limit 40 in natural range, berried females to be returned in natural range

Spiny crayfishT&P prohibited

BarramundiIncreased minimum size to 60cm within non-tidal waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria

New closed season regulations in lakes and dams

Mangrove jackT&P limit 5 in non-tidal waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria

Bloomfield River codT&P prohibited

Sooty grunterT&P limit 10 including khaki bream

T&P – Take and possession

C&R – Catch and release


Australian bass - The exemption to the closed season (June 1 to August 31 each year) has been extended to include Claude Wharton Weir and Jones Weir. This exemption now applies to 22 stocked dams and weirs.

Barramundi - The exemption from the closed season now includes 18 stocked impoundments: Awoonga, Eungella, Kinchant, Peter Faust, Wuruma, Burdekin Falls, Fred Haigh, Koombooloomba, Teemburra, Callide, Fairbairn, Lenthalls, Tinaroo, and East Leichardt dams, and lakes Julius, Belmore, Moondarra and Corella.

These impoundments are exempt from the maximum size limit of 120cm, but they have a T&P limit of 1 barra larger than 120cm throughout the year. These dams also a T&P limit of 1 barra during the closed season (this fish can be larger than 120cm). Recreational fishers may continue to fish in the 18 dams while possessing their limit, but must not fish anywhere else. No tagging is required.


Chinchilla Weir – reduced closure distance to 200m upstream and 200m downstream

Claude Wharton Weir – Reduced the downstream closure to 150m

Fairmount Weir – Upstream closure of 50m and downstream closure of 200m

Hinze Dam – Downstream closure of 400m

Luscombe Weir – Downstream closure of 120m

Lake Macdonald – Downstream closure of 100m

Old Mt Crosby Weir – Downstream closure of 50m

Ned Churchward (Walla) Weir – Upstream closure of 50m and downstream closure of 200m

Wivenhoe Dam – Downstream closure of 600m


A SIP is now required for Glenlyon, Cressbrook, Cooby and Callide dams, raising the total to 29 Queensland dams.


Dilly Mesh Size – 25mm or less

Round Traps – Can be no greater than 70cm diameter or 50cm high, with no more than 4 entrances with each entrance no more than 10cm in any dimension. If the mesh is not made of rigid material it must be 25mm or less.

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