Lock up your sounder
  |  First Published: December 2004

The Couple Mate Sounder Lock is a neat bit of kit that’s going to find favour with a lot of sounder owners.

This compact yet strongly made lock provides peace of mind against theft. I won’t commit myself to claiming that it will prevent all theft, as a determined thief can usually find a way, but it certainly acts as a good deterrent.

This unit, the GD001, has a lot going for it. I rigged it on my Lowrance X87 sounder and was impressed with the efficient way that it immobilised one side of the sounder’s locating set-up.

Here’s how it works. The idea is to remove one or other of the factory-supplied sounder fit-up knobs. With one knob removed, the key is turned clockwise and removed from the locking device, which is essentially another knob with a deadlock installed.

The GD001 locking knob is then screwed into the sounder bracket (taking the place of the one you’ve removed) instead until tight, the key is inserted and then turned anticlockwise for a half turn and then removed. The new knob will then spin freely but won’t unscrew at all, unless the key is used to allow the thread to once again grip. It’s a neat, foolproof system.

A look at the GD001 lock reveals that its a well made accessory, with nothing ‘el cheapo’ about it. The material it’s constructed from looks to be very durable, and is obviously weather- and impact-resistant. In essence, the system should do a lot to deter thieves.

Couple Mate also makes locks for NavMan, Furuno, Garmin and most late model GPS and sounders. Prices are set at $49.50 for the entire range.

For information contact Impulse Marine on freecall 1800 753 731 and ask for Steve Wotherspoon. – Wayne Kampe

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