Distress Beacon Changes are Coming
  |  First Published: December 2002

MOMENTUM is growing amongst a variety of agencies for EPIRBs to become mandatory in a broader range of boating applications. As more and more boaters are pressing their EPIRB into service during times of distress, search and rescue authorities are building a solid case for the effectiveness of these life-saving distress beacons.

From February 2009, the Cospas-Sarset satellite system will no longer process the 121.6MHz frequency used by many distress beacons. This international issue will affect all boaters who have a 121.5MHz EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon).

Along with 121.5MHz model EPIRBS, Pains Wessex also sell the more technically advanced and preferred 406MHz EPIRBs.

“Given that the switch-off date is five years away, consumers who purchase a Pains Wessex 121MHz EPIRB, or have an expired battery replaced, will get the full five-year life out of their product,” says Mark Barker, Marine Sales and Marketing Manager of Pains Wessex.

“There is a new Pains Wessex 406 based product currently under development that will offer EPIRB customers full featured technology at an affordable price.” – Pains Wessex.

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