Diamonds Are Forever
  |  First Published: December 2002

NOT many Queensland anglers would have heard of Black Diamond Tailored Rods, but those of you who’ve seen a G Loomis in the last seven years have unknowingly seen their work. Yes – this is the company that developed and built one of the best-known rod brands in the country.

In 1996 Steve and Cindy Ross were appointed as one of G Loomis’ authorized rod manufactures for the Australian market, and they set up one of the most modern and efficient rod production facilities in Australia. Their rod builders were hand picked and trained to produce the high quality and finish that the Loomis brand is famous for.

In January 2000 the operation was appointed the sole Australian Loomis rod builder, so Steve and Cindy started their company – Black Diamond Tailored Rods – to cope with the high demand for their Loomis rods.


Now that the ownership of Loomis USA has changed, and due to their new policy to import factory-built rods in from overseas, Black Diamond had to make a decision: give up rod building or use the expertise developed over 12 years of Australian rod development and release their own range.

Obviously they made the right decision! Their name isn’t all that well known in Qld yet, but it’s certainly growing in NSW, Vic and WA. Black Diamond has now released their 2003 range and, as expected, the rods are produced with all same features of their Loomis productions. The finish on all Black Diamond rods is excellent, as is the quality of the components and the American-made blanks.


Steve and Cindy have had a lot of feedback from many of Australia’s top anglers over their years, and this has influenced the development of their new rod range. I’ve had the pleasure of fishing many of the rods and, because Steve was the developer and builder of the Loomis Bream rods, the Black Diamond range will certainly appeal to anglers with an eye for quality and performance.

A particular favourite of mine is the Bream Reaper – a 6’6’’ 2-4kg high modulus spin rod that I’ve stopped mangrove jack with. This model will be a winner when fishing in the Forster BREAM Tournament because it’s light and powerful, which is just what you need around oyster racks. Tournament anglers should also consider the Blue Stone Bream and the Bass Predator. Both are at home flicking light jig heads and small hard bodies, with plenty of power to stop your quarry.

The one series that has impressed every lure fisherman I have shown them to is the Switchback Lurecast. The Switchbacks are made on American graphite composite blend blanks, fitted with quality titanium carbide guides with gold rings and finished with black and gold trims. These sensational-looking rods are a fishing weapon. To cast all day is a pleasure, and when it’s time to work they load up and give you the stopping power when you need it.

If you’re in Bundaberg and you want to see what these rods look like, contact Saltys on (07) 4153 4747. Alternatively, contact Cindy and Steve Ross at Black Diamond Rods on (02) 4283 8405 or e-mail --e-mail address hidden--


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