It’s Murray cod bliss
  |  First Published: December 2007

Murray cod bliss has descended on us again with low rivers, clear water and a never-ending supply of new lures and techniques provide an endless array of possibilities; it’s up to us to make the most of the opportunities presented.

New trends read like a book as anglers embrace the bibless minnow craze that’s sweeping the fishing fraternity. Will these lures be the next big thing on Murray cod? They certainly have a place but they will be just one of many lures that will take fish.

I think the two big ones to look out for this season will be the new Mumblers and a range of surface lures. Under the current conditions both these styles should dominate.

Swan Hill has turned it on early and will continue to do so over the coming month. With several rivers that include the Murray, Wakool, Edward, Niemur and Murrumbidgee all within close proximity, Swan Hill is a great base to explore a multitude of cod destinations.

The Murray near Pental Island at Swan Hill has already reported good captures of cod and golden perch. One mentionable capture was made just a week prior to the opening by local Swan Hill fishing identity Rocket ‘River Rat’ Baker.

Rocket caught the 1.29m giant on a Bassman spinnerbait while fishing for golden perch near Pental Island. It was his biggest cod to date and he said it would have gone back even if the season had been open.

With cod of this size among the snags, Pental Island is becoming a popular haunt for anglers chasing that fish of a lifetime.

The Wakool River near Kyalite continues to fish well with plenty of cod and golden perch falling to spinnerbaits, hard-bodied lures and a variety of baits.

The Wakool also has some very large cod in the deeper holes with most seasons producing a few specimens over the old 100lb mark. Another bonus to this great fishing destination is the Kyalite Hotel, just a short cast from the river. Cold beer, good meals and a built on general store hold promise of some good yarns and a chance to restock the larder.

Last season anglers fishing surface lures on dusk and into the night did well along the Wakool. With low waters expected for much of the season, chances are it will happen again.

Robinvale continues to be a popular destination for trophy cod. Unfortunately, like most other sections of pool water, it also draws good numbers of water skiers.


Early morning is the prime time to fish this area before too many boats are on the water. Remember to pack the deep-divers because most big fish are holding down among the timber.

The 90mm A C Invader is a good lure, as are the large Jumbucks and, on occasion, the No 1 StumpJumper performs well. Spinnerbaits are also worth a cast around the deeper snags and are most often hit on the drop.

Those fishing bait will find grubs, scrub worms and yabbies among the best. There are also some very respectable golden perch holding in the snags that are susceptible to smaller lures, spinnerbaits and cocktailed baits of shrimp and worms.

Wemen, downstream of Euston on the Murray, continues to fish well. This area is loaded with small to medium cod with the odd monster in the mix.

With numerous rock bars and fallen timber, there is no shortage of structure to cast a lure or bait at. Be aware that the river in this area is at times shallow with numerous boating hazards.

With so many areas fishing well, all looks set for a great season. Don’t forget the new size limits and, just as importantly, don’t forget to have a great time when you’re out on the water.

A proven big fish taker the Mumbler will be just one of many new lures to shine throughout the cod season.

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