Crater Lakes Christmas
  |  First Published: December 2005

I can’t believe December is on us again. So many things to do, so little time.

On the upside, the local fishing has been great. Brisk mornings, pleasant days and warm evenings; it all sounds fishy to me. Whether you fish local lakes or rivers, December is a beaut time to chase some fish.

Lake Colac is renowned for its redfin and mid November through December is peak time for some entertainment on these great eating fish. Local smelt is the easiest bait to get and the reddies just love them! With good fishing areas in Colac itself, a fishing session with the family is a good way to go. Don’t forget the corn if you feel like pulling a few carp out of the lake as well.

Purrumbete and Bullen Merri are always busy at this time of the year. Both lakes fish well from the bank. Those who put in the time using mudeyes in Purrumbete, and minnow or glassies in Bullen Merri, will be rewarded with some excellent fish.

Boat fishermen trolling the ever-reliable Tassie Devil style lures are going to pick up their share of fish as well. For the flyfishermen Purrumbete has experienced the odd ant hatch during the sultry days, and with plenty of insects about during the evening should be the pick of the two lakes.

Geoff Cramer reports that Ballarat angler, Rod McNeight, landed a 1.48kg bass from Bullen Merri in October. It measured 40cm. Now’s a good time to start targeting those stocked bass as water temperatures warm.

Don’t forget Elingamite at Cobden too because this piece of water, which plays second fiddle to the other lakes in the area, can turn on some great bait, lure and flyfishing at this time of year. The best bait is a mudeye under a float fished around the perimeter of the weeds. Soft plastics will account for some very nice redfin in Elingamite too if the trout are a bit quiet.

Wurdibuloc has experienced some good beetle hatches, which has meant local flyfishermen have been evident along the banks of late. These hatches should continue through the front half of December but better results for the fly guys may come from fishing mudeye patterns into the dark.

Rivers in the area will settle as the rainfall drops off. This should see trout taken on baits, with worms being the pick, and lures with broken back Rebels a real favourite.

Flyfishermen will also be rewarded fishing local streams in the evenings. An Elk Hair Caddis in size 14 will take the risers that show themselves.

The Mt Emu Creek (Victoria’s longest creek) has been fishing well but usually quietens as flows drop off. A very good stocking program has kept the fish numbers up in this creek and with a lot of local anglers practising catch and release, a stroll along the banks can bring some rewarding fishing. Watch the snakes as things warm up.

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