Rising Goulburn Improving
  |  First Published: December 2005

The fishing around Eildon has been excellent following some warm weather, during which we had some 30 degree days.

The smaller feeder streams are still flowing hard but the Goulburn River has fished exceptionally well thanks to increased insect activity and clearing water.

Lake Eildon

Lake Eildon’s just under 50% with an inflow of 2,000 megalitres. Reports suggest that the fishing has been excellent. Graeme Morrow from Peppin Point Caravan Park reports that the Bonnie Doon shoreline has been productive. Lures and flat-tail worms have taken yellowbelly to 12lb. Trolling with Tasmanian Devil lures has been taking trout to 500g.

Small redfin have been taken in around old timber. The petrol barge has been particularly productive.

December should see increased native fish catches and with the cod season opening at the start of the month, there’ll be an added incentive to persist, either trolling or casting deep diving lures and spinnerbaits. Keep an eye out for any rises in the lake level after significant rain because this will bring golden perch back in close, particularly over areas where vegetation has grown during winter and spring.

Eildon Pondage

The pondage is largely full but fluctuating. It’s been fishing well for all methods. Geoff Pope has regularly fished the pondage and on a recent trip with fishing mate Steve Cox landed seven trout, two of which were browns that succumbed to mudeyes under floats. The remainder were rainbows taken on PowerBait. Geoff indicated that the water level was very low early but slowly filled during the day.

Goulburn River

The Goulburn’s flow has increased to 1,000 megalitres, which will stir things up a bit and offer some new opportunities. I fished the river recently with Anthony Boliancu from the Goulburn Valley Flyfishing Centre in perfect, overcast weather – mild with a light wind. Throughout the whole day we saw trout rising at every turn in the river. They weren’t easy to catch though, feeding on small (size 22) Caenis duns and spinners. The last few hours of the day saw the caddis come out. That’s when we started to take trout up to 2lb on caddis imitations. Recommended flies are size 22/20 polywing Caenis and size 16/14 Creel Caddis and Elk Hair Caddis.

Reports from baitfishermen indicate that earthworms, maggots and PowerBait fished on the bottom continues to take trout up to 1lb, with the best in around Gilmores Bridge.

The Tallarook General Store reports that the Goulburn River around the Trawool area has been producing trout up to 2lb on earthworms fished on the bottom.

December should see increased river flows, which will herald the start of the backwater fishing and grasshopper fishing.

Snobs Creek

This small flowing stream that flows into the Goulburn has been producing small trout between 200g and 500g. Most have been taken on lures fished through the fast rapids that lead into the deeper pools. The best lures have been Rapala minnows, and Vibrax and Celta spinners.

Without summer rain, this stream will slow down and really start to fish well.

Rubicon River

The Rubicon River is still flowing high and cold and isn’t at its best. However, some trout have been caught in the lower reaches, especially where the Rubicon meets the Goulburn River, well above Gilmores Bridge. Earthworms and scrubbies have been the go, fished along the edges. Fishing worms will be particularly effective in sections of river where higher flows are now covering new ground. Polarising this edge is another way to fish this type of water, with the backwaters the main target zone.

December should see the start of the grasshopper season. There have been of baby grasshoppers observed along the river already this season.

Acheron River

Reports are filtering in that the Acheron is starting to fish well for the baitfisher. Trout have been a mixed bag from small half pounders to some at a pound and a half. Best bait has been earthworms fished on the bottom. The Buxton area has been the most productive.

December should see the reduced flows that ought to produce good fishing to all methods, especially in the evening as the water warms, prompting insect hatches.

King Parrot Creek

The King Parrot Creek continues to produce the odd trout and Macquarie perch to 1lb. Earthworm fished on the bottom has been the best method. All Macquarie perch must be released in this water because of their conservation status.

December should see the King Parrot slow and warm, producing good fishing for trout, especially within the middle and lower sections of the river.

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