Plastics Fantastic!
  |  First Published: November 2005

Bullen Merri is still the place to fish. Angler numbers have increased and will continue to rise if the fishing keeps performing.

Browns, Chinooks and now some rainbows have been taken using most methods. Trolling should continue to improve as the weather warms up, as will the baitfishing. And if Bullen Merri continues to produce great fish on soft plastics, as it has done in recent weeks, then every man and his dog will be using them. There have been plenty of fish landed between 3 and 4kg, mostly by anglers fishing from the bank. Whether this will change with the water temperature should be known by the end of the month.

Purrumbete should continue to fish well for those anglers using mudeyes under a float. As the water warms flyfishermen will find plenty of trout rising in the evenings behind the weeds. These fish will respond well to Woolly Buggers and Muddler Minnows.

Wurdiboluc has started to fish reasonably for flyfishers and will be a good spot for bait anglers as the browns become more active along the banks. This reservoir is quite large, but its stocking rate could only be described as pathetic. With the demise of Modewarre and Murdeduke, both declared dead waters, surely the stockings that were destined for these two lakes could be pushed into Wurdiboluc. What a great opportunity to stock a heap of browns into this lake, where only shore-based fishing is permitted. Why more browns? At least these fish will patrol the edges making them a real possibility for anglers. Not like the rainbows in there at present that seem to spend all their time in the centre of the lake.

I think it’s time we anglers in the west jumped up and down a bit and demanded a few more fish in our area to help compensate for the huge influx of anglers heading our way simply because we still have lakes with water in them.

Rivers in the region have taken a flush during late spring and are sure to have a few trout keen to take a bait. Don’t forget those monster fish in the lower Gellibrand and Aire rivers that seem to take lures during November more so than at any other time of the year.

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