Spring Brings On The Insects
  |  First Published: November 2005

Insects are of one nature’s indicators that warmer weather has arrived, and with that comes some good trout fishing in many of Victoria’s lakes.

There have been some good hatches of mudeye, damselfly and midges lately, with a small sprinkling of mayfly to catch the attention of a few with a dry fly in mind.

Newlyn Reservoir

Bait anglers using earthworm, scrubbies and live minnow under a float have taken a few trout between 1 and 2lb, while those fishing live mudeyes under floats have interested the odd bigger trout to 3lb.

Fly fishermen have achieved good results retrieving damsel nymph patterns from the shoreline, especially amongst the weed beds. The northern shoreline is recommended, with the southern or backend of the lake also worth a try. The mayflies haven’t started but by the time this issue hits the stands they should be hatching.

Hepburn Lagoon

The flyfishing has slowed after some fantastic trout captures over the past few months. Bait anglers are catching brown and rainbow trout to 2lb suspending mudeyes under bubble floats.

The western shoreline has been the pick of the locations with The Dairy end of the lake also worth a look.

Lake Beaufort

Beaufort is producing nice trout up to 1lb for bait anglers fishing earthworms on the bottom. Lure casters are also taking trout on small bladed spinners such as Celtas in red and gold, green and gold, and black. The best fishing locations have been the Caravan Park and western shoreline.

The coming month should see more prolific hatches with mayflies an added highlight.

Malmsbury Reservoir

Even though Malsmbury is discoloured and covering new ground there have been reports of smelting trout in and around the northern section of the lake. The odd trout to 3lb has been taken on smelt patterns and lures early in the morning and late in the evening.

Bait fishermen continue to do well along the dam wall using the usual baits of scrubbies and earthworms. A few anglers are trapping local shrimp and having success using them on the bottom and under floats.

Lauriston Reservoir

The odd trout up to 1lb has rewarded bait anglers fishing mudeyes under bubble floats. Local angler Peter Dawson slowly retrieves his live mudeye rigs and successfully took two trout recently.

Fly fishermen are also taking the odd trout when blind searching likely looking areas. Successful flies have been the Black Pennel, Black Nymph and Hairy Dog.


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