Berley Bay Snapper
  |  First Published: November 2005

Traditionally, November is the peak time for snapper in Port Phillip Bay and this year has been no exception. The fishing has been fantastic.

The fish have moved onto the inner reefs now and anglers are having a ball. The largest snapper I’ve heard about weighed 9kg.

Both the inner and outer artificial reefs off Carrum have been fishing well early in the morning with many anglers coming in with their bag by 7am. The best baits have been silver whiting and fresh garfish cut in half, when you can get hold of them. A lot of guys have been starting their fishing using pillies and silver whiting, and then while they’re waiting for the action to start, they get a berley trail going on the surface to attract the gars. Once the gars are around the boat, fish a light line out into the berley trail with a small piece of bait, either unweighted or under a quill float, to secure enough bait. You can also collect a feed to take home if you like.

Further up the bay, P1 and P2 buoys have been very consistent with fish averaging around 3kg. Also, the area between the Fawkner Beacon and the Outer Spuds, directly out from the Brighton Pier, has seen plenty of nice fish taken, including a couple of around 7kg.

Anglers fishing the top section of the bay have been sitting out for a few extra hours when they can as they have been getting fish right throughout the day, especially an hour each side of the tide change. There are also some guys taking advantage of the good numbers of squid. Spending a quick 10 minutes on their way out to the snapper marks has meant some really fresh bait. It’s no fluke that these guys regularly catch plenty of big snapper, because they put in that extra bit of effort to have the best possible bait. At times, when the fish are a bit picky after seeing hundreds of frozen pillies, fresh squid can be the key to getting that trophy fish.

This is the month for snapper in the bay because they’re at their hungriest and most aggressive. My top three tips for November are to make the effort to get on the water, fish the known marks and don’t spend too much time driving around. Good luck!

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