Inverloch on the improve
  |  First Published: November 2004

Inverloch is a must go place for anglers, especially in the warmer months, but unfortunately we’ve had a very cold and miserable winter. On the bright side, we’re now struggling out of the grips of winter and things are looking up for the coming season.

It’s at this time of year the area experiences huge schools of salmon up to 4kg that make regular appearances in the inlet. They come in as the inlet is crowded with small baitfish and the predators have a feast before heading out to sea again. Of course, their stay depends on how long their mobile meals hang around.

When on the go, salmon will scoff down just about anything that is presented. They usually bite best on the run-in tide and it’s not unusual to see flyfishers plying their trade on these hard-fighting fish. It’s interesting to see them hook-up on the fly gear and battle with their target for what seems to be forever, only to release it and start the process all over again.

Salmon are great sport for beginners of all ages. They are great fighting fish, arguably one of the best there is for its size; they don’t have teeth or spikes to inflict damage and the smaller ones are under rated on the table.

At the time of this report there are very good numbers of salmon at Shallow Inlet and they are doing things a little different. Les Lengyel, who runs the caravan park at Yanakie, has been having a ball at Shallow Inlet with the salmon. The run-out tide has been the most productive. Usually salmon are taken on the run-in water, but not so according to Les who says they are taking just about any type of lure that is thrown in the water.

On a recent outing with mate Geoff Renton they landed something like 100 salmon that went crazy in water less than a metre deep. They got sick of catching the fish and came home. This has got to be a first! In all my years, I’ve known plenty of people coming home because they can’t catch a fish, but never because they are catching too many!

Mixed in with the salmon are very good numbers of silvers to 1kg that have been taking mainly whitebait. According to the eyes and ears of the area, Greg Buckland, the salmon are doing the more traditional thing and are having a taste mainly on the run-in tide. Greg should know what’s going on as he runs a charter boat in the area and says he is looking forward to a bumper season. If in the area, pay Greg and wife Gabby a visit at the Sandy Point General Store and they will point you in the right direction.

Shallow Inlet is also famous for its whiting, with fish up to 40cm regularly taken. They should soon begin to show their faces in the area. The whiting here seem to favour pipis above other baits, so make sure you have plenty with you.


The author with a double-header of 1kg salmon caught on surf poppers and whitebait.

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