Welcome Rain Arrives
  |  First Published: October 2005

The heavens opened up and down came the rain! Even though it has restricted the fishing in some areas it’s an absolute blessing. Water levels will rise and the fishing will improve.

Hepburn Lagoon

Hepburn continues to fish well for fly anglers working wets, such as Tom Jones’, close in along the bank. They’re taking brown trout to 2lb and rainbow trout to 3lb. The best location has been along the eastern shoreline.

Bait fishermen are taking the odd rainbow trout using bottom baits, such as worms. There’s also been the odd better trout falling to mudeyes fished under a bubble float.

The coming months will see some fantastic mudeye fishing for bait anglers and possibly some mayfly hatches for fly anglers.

Newlyn Reservoir

Bait fishermen have been the only ones catching trout to around 1lb and the best bait has been earthworms and scrubbies. I believe smelt pattern flies would be the best bet for the flyflickers.

The coming month is likely to see flyfishers excel on the back of mayfly hatches. If they occur, expect the first and second stages of the emerging nymph and the dun. Recommended patterns are size 12 Seal Fur emergers, Smith emergers, Highland duns and Cripple duns.

Coliban Reservoir

Anglers targeting trout with bait including earthworms, scrubbies and maggots are having the most success, especially close in around the shoreline. They’re catching brown trout up to 2lb.

I recently received a report from Peter Dawson, who had managed to catch a 1lb trout working a black beetle pattern around the Coliban Bay section of the lake.

The month ahead should be good for flyfishers, especially when mayfly hatches come about. This water is regarded by many anglers as a poor producer of mayfly, but let me tell you that with the right conditions, the mayfly just might surprise you.

Lauriston Reservoir

Rain and windy weather has churned up the shoreline of Lauriston creating dirty conditions. Bait fishermen using earthworms, scrubbies, local shrimp and PowerBait on the bottom are taking nice trout up to 2lb. Flyfishermen are also having some success when working smelt pattern flies.

The best area has been along the southern shoreline and near the dam wall.

The good fishing should continue in the coming month with more rain on the way.

Malmsbury Reservoir

I’ve received a number of reports of nice trout being caught to all methods at Malmsbury. Bait fishermen are doing well with scrubbies and PowerBait fished on the bottom while lure casters are taking some big trout on Tassie Devils, particularly those in silver and gold with black stripes.

Flyfishing is also producing trout with smelt patterns such as the Tom Jones, B.M.S flies and Bag flies the most effective. Try along the dam wall and at Cemetery Bay.

The coming spring months will see mudeyes prolific, with mayfly and beetle hatches developing.

Tullaroop Reservoir

Not far from Cairn Curran Reservoir, Tullaroop has slowed a little but bait fishermen have still managed to take some reasonable trout to 2lb on mudeyes fished under a float and earthworms fished on the bottom. Flyfishermen have found the going tough with dew fish brought to the shore.

The coming month should see the good bait fishing continue. Flyfishermen would do well to have some wet Black Beetle patterns in their box. I like the one tied on a size 12 hook with a black chenille body and black feather quill over the top and a black throat hackle.

Harcourt Reservoir

Harcourt’s water level has increased significantly and it’s now covering new ground. The fishing has been slow with bait anglers taking nice brown trout to 2lb in the early morning using mudeyes fished under a bubble float. Andy Scott and I fished the lake midweek recently without success, although we did observe feeding fish out from the shoreline. Of those seen, most have been rising to midge and chasing the odd school of smelt.

We also saw many mayfly nymphs under the rocks and wooden debris; a good sign for the next few months.


Ballarat Best Bets

Size 12/14 Wet Black Beetles

For the mayfly, try size 12/14 weighted Flashback Nymphs, Pheasant Tail Nymphs, weighted black and brown Seals Fur Nymphs.

Size 12/14 Seals Fur Emergers, Smith Emergers, Highland Duns and Cripple Duns

Size 10 l/s Clouser Minnows, size 10/8 Matukas, Woolly Buggers and Damsel Nymphs

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