Trout Opening Blowout
  |  First Published: October 2005

There is no doubt that spring is one of our most eagerly awaited seasons. The trout rivers opens, the worst of winter is behind us and the days are slowly starting to draw out. That means more time to go fishing!

This year, however, Mother Nature has seen fit to change the rules. Spring has arrived amid some of the wildest storms we’ve seen for along time with winds up to 100km/h in some areas and rainfall from 40 to 50mm in just over an hour. While no one can dispute the need for more rain, it came at probably the worst time possible for the many anglers eagerly awaiting trout opening.

After this rain, the rivers in this area were all running higher than we’ve seen for a long time. The Goulburn at Seymour was not far from flood level, and this made trout fishing all but impossible. Anglers I spoke to, who had hoped to be able to use their preferred spin or flyfishing gear, were going home without even trying. Some stayed to baitfish with worms but most didn’t find much success. The rivers are now falling and should soon return to a fishable state.

Lake Eildon is approaching 40% and is still rising slowly. The fishing has been good for trout but over the last week or two it has slowed a little. The lake has become a little discoloured with the recent rains and this is probably the main cause of the slow down. The most successful lures for those who have been lucky enough to catch a fish have been Tassie Devil style lures in pink and blue or white. If you’re fishing Eildon from now on then put out a deep diver as the golden perch will be starting to fire up.

On the subject of golden perch, Lake Mokoan should be high on your list of places to fish. It is currently at 36% and rising so the golden perch will soon be out looking for a feed. I usually start fishing Mokoan in October, which is one of the best months of the year to fish here. Worms, shrimps and soft plastics are best. If you’re fishing Mokoan and don’t have a boat, don’t worry because this lake fishes just as well from the bank.

Not far from Mokoan is the Broken River, which is another under-rated fishery. The river is accessible from the Benalla-Shepparton Rd but also passes through private property. Permission should be gained before entering private property.

At the moment though, if it’s trout that you really want to catch, you may need to be a little patient. The streams won’t stay high and dirty forever, and as soon as they clear then the fishing will improve. You can try the Goulburn anywhere between Eildon and Seymour as well as the Murrindindi and Yea rivers, and King Parrot Creek. All styles of fishing work well in these streams.

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