Spring Into Nillahcootie Redfin
  |  First Published: September 2005

Anglers visiting the Seymour area at this time of year should do a little homework before they set off, whether that is a call to the local tackle shop or emailing a mate who’s fished the area recently.

The Goulburn River downstream of Nagambie has been fishing reasonably well for small Murray cod. But remember, the 3-month closed season for cod commences on 1 September.

The backed up waters of the Nagambie Weir have been fishing well for redfin. This is an area not well known to many anglers, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Nearby, Waranga Basin has been fishing well for redfin and Murray crays, although like the cod, the Murray cray season closes on 1 September. Many cray anglers also take along a couple of rods to target the redfin in between checking pots. If you do try Waranga at this time of year and don’t catch a redfin just keep it in mind for the warmer months because this lake really does produce some excellent catches.

One of my favourites, Lake Mokoan, is currently about 25% of capacity. Launching can be difficult and care should be taken given the shallowness of the lake and the numerous submerged snags. Many anglers are leaving the boat at home and resorting to fishing from the bank. Even with the cold and wet weather we’ve been having lately, these diehard anglers have taken some reasonable bags of yellowbelly.

Lake Nillahcootie is near full and quite dirty given the rain. When conditions are like this it can pay to fish in the creek, which can be accessed from the bridge that crosses the creek on the Midland Highway. We’ve had some excellent days fishing here when the lake has been quiet. Fishing around the trees or in close to undercut banks produces some very good redfin. Once again, it doesn’t have to be summer; they will bite during the cooler months.

No report from this area would be complete without a mention of Lake Eildon. The fishing has been excellent. Trout have been taking cobra-style lures and deep divers. If you’re fishing Eildon it pays to cover all of the options by having a combination of both lures out. Trolling with pink and blue combination cobras and pink and purple no.3 StumpJumpers has been the best for us.

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