Waranga Redfin Bonanza
  |  First Published: June 2005

The excellent fishing that we‘ve experienced in the Goulburn River has slowed a little over the last few weeks. There are still some reasonable catches of redfin and whilst we’re having this ‘Indian’ summer they should hang around for a bit longer. As the weather cools down and the water temperature drops it’s time to target the trout.

Further downstream, the Nagambie Weir waters have been very good for redfin. This is a good sign, as these waters, whilst always capable of providing some worthwhile fishing, haven’t really fished consistently enough over the last couple of years to make them attractive to anglers. If the current trend continues, then I’m sure that will not be the case for much longer. Bait fishing is best in these waters.

Nearby, Waranga Basin has also been excellent for redfin. Fish to 1kg have been plentiful. Baits of worms and yabbies have been consistent producers along with trolled hard bodied lures. At the time of writing, these fish are still on the bite. A word of warning though, if you haven’t been to Waranga basin before, care needs to be taken as this lake can be very dangerous if the wind gets up. This lake also supports a very good crayfish population, which will be getting active with the cold weather. If you’re making a trip to Waranga, include a hoop net or two for the crays.

If you want to catch a yellowbelly or two, then Lake Mokoan is still fishing well. This may be due to the unseasonable warm weather we’re experiencing at the moment. Whatever the reason, the fish are biting well on worm, shrimp and yabbies. Murray cod are also being taken regularly with cheese baits out fishing bardi grubs.

Lake Nillahcootie seems to have slowed down. This is a pity as I would like to have seen the yellowbelly hang around for a little longer. Redfin are still being taken along with some very large carp. The yellas are still there and may even come back on the bite. Whether they do or not, make sure you keep Nillahcootie in your black book for next spring/summer.

Lake Eildon’s yellowbelly have also shut down. The water is starting to cool so this is not unexpected. The Murray cod catches have also become less consistent. There are still some very good catches of redfin being taken and trout are starting to make their presence felt. The trout in this lake are already starting to come to the surface, making trolled cobra style lures an effective option. However, I always like to have a spread of lures that includes a deep diver or two, because there are still plenty of trout being taken on lures intended for yellowbelly and cod.

Kaye Stray with a recently caught Lake Eildon brown trout. A Murray cod attacked the fish by the side of the boat causing the wound on its side.

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