River Trout Time-out
  |  First Published: June 2005

The 2005 trout closed season commences at midnight on June 13 and runs until midnight on September 2. During this time, anglers may not take or possess trout or salmon in rivers and streams, and in a few select lakes. Importantly though, the trout closed season only applies to trout and salmon. So you can fish for, and keep, other species in these rivers such as blackfish, redfin and cod.

It’s really starting to cool down now but don’t put away those trout rods quite yet as there are still loads of fishing opportunities to be had in the Yarra Valley area. Trout have been caught in the upper reaches of the main river mainly on scrub worms and maggots. Insect hatches aren’t as prevalent now as in the warmer months but if wish to throw a fly around, then try some smaller wets such as a Woolly Bugger or a Mrs Simpson in a size 10 or 12.

As always the Yarra River from Healesville through to Warrandyte is fishing well for a variety of fish. Reports have come in this month of good catches of redfin being caught around the Vasey HoughtonBridge in Yarra Glen. Redfin can be caught in good numbers on all methods but they really take a liking to smaller soft plastic grubs and Celta style spinners. Throughout this section of the river both carp and roach are plentiful for those who like to tangle with these species. The eels are really slowing due to the crisp evenings but the fishing for Macquarie perch and cod is still good down lower towards Research and Eltham.

Although the trout season closes this month, fishing in this area does no such thing. If you still have the trout bug over the winter months, then two great destinations are Lilydale and Emerald lakes. Both of these lakes are stocked regularly with rainbow trout and some great fishing can be had. Both lakes can produce surprisingly large trout using most angling methods although bait fishing is preferred. Maggots and worms will produce many fish but the standout is Power Bait in various colours. During the trout closed season I will be going into more depth on these two lakes and some other winter options. Until next month, good fishing!

Rapala CD3’s are a great lure for skinny, relatively shallow streams.
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