Hume trout pick up
  |  First Published: May 2005

The weather during the day has been reasonable but the nights are cooling off quickly and it won’t be too long before winter will have the upper hand.

There are still reasonable numbers of redfin being caught at Lake Hume but they are slowly dropping off. A paternoster rig with a bunch of worms or a yabby still seems to be the best approach but finding a tree with numbers of fish is the tricky bit.

Trolling lures around the lake is starting to slow down but again, if you are able to locate a school using a depth sounder the redfin can still be caught.

If a sounder isn’t available, try trolling lures that dive to around six metres and you’ll find the odd fish.

Early-morning trolling may be a good way to catch a trout at the moment. There’s been the odd report coming in of good trout being caught on bait so it’s time to start chasing them.

Flatline trolling Tassie Devils around the weir wall seemed to be the way to do it last year so trying this spot wouldn’t hurt at the moment.


At present the Kiewa is probably my favourite area to target Murray cod and with water levels perfect, the action should keep up for a while yet.

Bait fishing the deeper holes is a good way to target them with a nice fat bardi grub the best bait by far.

However, all my success this year has been on lures. In the crystal-clear water, strikes at your feet are truly breath taking!

Spinnerbaits seem to be the best lures but surface lures take their fair share as well. On dark and during a full moon, surface lures are great. The explosion that comes with each hit can give anglers a serious fright.

Although the Kiewa is a great cod fishery, it’s not a large stretch of water and needs special care. So just remember: There is nothing wrong with keeping a feed for the table but breaking the rules and taking too many fish or any that are undersize could result in massive fines, even the loss of all tackle – and the loss of a great fishery.


With water levels steady over the past few weeks the fishing has been reasonable with plenty of good reports coming in of brown and rainbow trout up to 1.4kg.

On my past few trips up the Mitta I have fished only the lower sections but have had plenty of success on fly and lure.

During the day, I’ve found lures such as gold and silver Celtas and trout-pattern Rapalas to be best, but a heavy nymph fished deep at the bottom of a rapid is my favourite way of taking trout there. The anticipation of the strike indicator disappearing at any second is a great feeling.

The evening hatch is still producing a rise but numbers during the past few weeks have definitely started to drop off.

Royal Wulffs and Humpies are my favourite dries but any imitations of a grasshopper would have to be worth a go, simply because of the plague numbers of hoppers around.

From previous years I’ve found the fishing on the Mitta to stay reasonable right until the trout closed season commences.

Flatline trolling winged lures for brown trout worked really well at Lake Hume last season.

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