Fishing Improves as Water Clears
  |  First Published: April 2005

The weather has started to cool with the arrival of autumn. The rivers have cleared after record rains last month and, before long, irrigation flows will reduce further improving the fishing prospects for anglers.


At the time of writing, Lake Eildon has a water level of 36.4 % with an inflow of 200 megalitres. The fishing on the lake has been consistent with the latest reports indicating that Yellowbelly and Murray cod to 3kg are being caught on scrub worms and lures trolled from down riggers. Good redfin have also been taken on scrub worms and live yabbies. Best areas have been the Fraser’s National Park, Jerusalem Creek and the Delatite Arm.

Eildon Pondage

The pondage has cleared up since last month although the water level has continued to fluctuate. Fisheries Victoria has stocked the lake again with 400 big trout which has been reflected in catches of brown trout and rainbow trout between 4 and 7lbs. Best fishing methods have been lure casting from the bank with Tasmanian Devils and bait fishing with scrub worms and Power Bait.

Goulburn River

At the time of writing, the river flow was 4500 megalitres, the water temperature was 15.3 degrees and dissolved oxygen content was 5.5 parts per million. The only reports I’ve had are flyfishing reports that have indicated that throughout the day backwaters are producing trout up to 2 lbs for flyfishermen that are polaroiding on sunny days.

Most anglers are waiting patiently until they see a cruising trout in a backwater before presenting a weighted nymph that is left to sink, or a grasshopper pattern floated on top. The fishing isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding!

Evening rises continue to be a mixed bag with some days good and other days bad. Most insect hatches are consisting of caddis and midges.


Reports have shown that the Big River is fishing well for flyfishers, either fishing weighted nymph patterns under a strike indicator or by searching likely looking water with an attractor. I recommend a size 14 Royal Wulff.

Lure casters are also taking a few trout on the Min-Min and the Strike Pro lures employing a slow retrieve.

Rubicon River

The Rubicon is fishing well to flyfishers who are drifting weighted nymphs under a strike indicator, especially in the faster flowing sections of the river. Reported trout captures have been small half to three quarter pounders.

The evening rise is like the Goulburn with sporadic caddis and midge hatches.

Bait fishermen are taking trout from a half a pound to 1lb on earthworms, scrubworms and mudeyes in the lower section of the river.

Acheron River

The section of the Acheron from Taggerty to Buxton is fishing well to anglers working weighted nymph patterns under a strike indicator, and to lure casters working black, red and green Celtas.

The lower end of the river in around the Breakaway is fishing well to bait anglers fishing earthworms and scrubbies on the bottom with the running sinker rig. Fly fishermen are finding the evening rise productive on calm windless nights with good hatches of caddis. The best fly imitation has been a size 16 Elk Hair Caddis.

SteAvenson River

The Steavenson’s water level has dropped from its higher flows and has fished well to all methods. Worms and mudeyes continue to work well. So do maggots under a float.

Flyfishermen are receiving exceptional results working weighted nymph patterns under a strike indicator. Most trout are weighing in between 400g and 500g. The evening rise has consisted of caddis and midges so it’s no surprise that Elk Hair Caddis and Griffith’s Nat have produced the best results.

Yarra River

The Yarra River at Warrandyte is producing captures of small Murray cod and Macquarie perch plus brown trout to 1.5lbs. The best method has been to fish earthworms and scrubworms on the bottom with the lightest possible sinker or no sinker at all.

King Parrot Creek

Tallarook General Store reports that the King Parrot Creek has cleared considerably from last month’s high rainfall. The creek is still producing trout to a pound in weight with all methods taking trout. Bait anglers are having best results on scrub worm and fly fishermen are doing well on weighted nymph patterns.

The Goulburn River around the Tallarook and Seymour area isn’t fishing well with limited fishing reports.


Nymphs - Size 12/10 gold bead head nymphs, weighted flashback nymphs, Pheasant tail nymphs, weighted black seal fur nymphs, and Brown seals fur nymphs.

Caddis- Elk hair caddis, Goddard caddis, Creel Caddis.

Mayfly- Size 18/16 Rusty brown Para Duns, Pale morning duns, Iron blue duns. Size 16 red spinners, black spinners.

Wet fly - Size 10 l/s Clouser Minnows; size 10/8 Matukas, Woolly Buggers, and Damsel Nymphs.

Termites- Yellow flying ant and yellow deer hair ant

Grasshoppers - Nobby Hoppers, Latex Hoppers and Banjo Hoppers.








Mepps Spinners, Tassie Devils- 49, 22, 44, Celta’s and Laser Lures, Min Min lures, Wee Wobblers, Strike Pro Pygmy-205/ 71, Raider 10 and Maniac 7 and Tassie Devils-No- 63/ 6/ 38.


Glitter Minnows, Nippers, Swim Minnows and Power Frogs, Floating frogs, Atomic Grubs; long tail Minnows, Wriggle Tails, and Squidgy Fish.

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