Golden Perch Catches Continue
  |  First Published: April 2005

As this is my first report for Victoria’s fishing monthly let me first give a brief run down on this area.

Seymour has the Goulburn River running right through the town with access available from many points. There are two boat ramps and both are located next to caravan parks making them very convenient for the travelling angler. The Goulburn River in this area offers excellent fishing for trout and redfin. This section of the Goulburn is hugely underrated as a fishing option. At this time of the year, the redfin attract a lot of attention. Fish in the 1kg plus range are common and readily taken on bait and lures. If using bait, scrubworms and yabbies are the best. The most successful method is to cast the bait and then very slowly retrieve it. These fish seem to like moving bait. Lures work well too, with all the usual minnow styles taking their fair share of fish although Tasmanian Devils and Cobra style lures also work very well. These lures also offer you the chance of getting connected to one of the resident trout. This trend will continue for some time. The redfin will be around for the next couple of months but the trout are a year round proposition.

There is, however, a trout closed season that applies to all rivers and a few select lakes. Grab a Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide for all the details. These guides are free and available from your local tackle store or DPI Office. A copy left in your car and another in your boat will mean you’re never in any doubt about what you can and can’t take.

Also located near Seymour are Sunday Creek, which produces excellent redfin and King Parrot Creek, a favourite with fly fisherman and renowned for its trout. There is also excellent fishing in the river, creeks and lagoons at Nagambie –a short drive from Seymour. Also within an hours drive are Lake Nillahcootie, the currently controversial Lake Mokoan and the truly massive Lake Eildon.

Undoubtedly Lake Eildon would be one of our most popular lakes when it comes to fishing in this region. The results this year have been outstanding. We have fished this lake regularly throughout the warmer months with excellent catches of golden perch (yellowbelly), Murray cod, redfin and both species of trout.

The golden perch have been between one to 6kg in weight. The redfin fishing has been outstanding with fish to 2kg in some anglers’ bags. At this time of writing, the redfin are still biting. Fishing bait around the trees works well as does soft plastics. If using soft plastics, then use small red and white ones. Trolling is also accounting for a lot of these fish with many taken whilst trolling for yellowbelly and Murray cod.

As the weather cools down the lake’s trout population will become more active on the surface. At the moment though, they are being taken in good numbers whilst trolling for yellowbelly. There are not too many impoundment fisheries around like Lake Eildon so let’s hope the fishery continues to perform in the future.

I have only briefly mentioned some of the areas worth checking out in our region, but as this is more an introductory report I’ll leave it at that for the moment and give a more comprehensive report next month.

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