Harden Up On Barra
  |  First Published: December 2008

There is no argument that soft plastics for barra is booming. The ubiquitous Squidgy Slick Rig is in everyone’s boat, while the surface frogs and Berkley Hollow Bellies are making an impressive start to the 2008/09 season.

But not every barra caught in an impoundment is taken on a soft plastic. Many are taken with hardbodied lures that are cast or trolled and it is with much trepidation that an angler should hit a barra lake without a selection of quality hardbodied lures.

If you are into hardbodied lures for barra, then hold on tight because the range of new lures, colours and diving depths is enough to get even the most diehard soft plastic angler excited.

So let’s look at what is new on the hardbodied lure market for barra. And as my mates say, let’s all take a couple of teaspoons of concrete with a mouthful of V and harden up!

The lures
Arafura Shallow
Distributor: Lively Lures

The new Arafura Shallow is a 120mm long lure that is built on a solid polyurethane body to resist the amazing pressures placed on big barra lures.

The lure is purpose built for fishing around shallow weed beds in impoundments, in billabongs and lagoons and also for fishing the run-off creeks when the barra are right up in the shallows smashing bait. The Arafura Shallow can be cast or trolled with equal effect and already has an impressive 126cm Monduran monster to its credit.

Like all Lively Lures, Alan Dolan has designed this lure to be fished straight from the pack and the lure sports 1/0 trebles and number 4 split rings that are rated barra tough. But one of the best things about this lure is that Alan has taken the time to consider terminal upgrades and the Shallow Arafura will comfortably work with heavier rings and bigger hooks. Look out shallow water barra.

Laser Pro 120 H78 Red Neck
Distributor: Halco

Everybody knows redheads attract serious attention from most predatory fish. On that theme, here is the latest new offering from the Halco Tackle stable – the H78 Red Neck.

The H78 Red Neck is a striking new colour to come on range, featuring very bright, highly reflective, holographic gold sides with a brilliant, cherry red head.

Fishing results with the new Red Neck have been especially pleasing on bright, sunny days where the high visibility colour literally glows like a neon sign, triggering immediate feeding activity from most species in the vicinity.

Available in standard and Deep Diver Versions (1m + 2.5m), the red neck colour scheme is sure to be a hit with barra everywhere.

Scorpion 150, 125, 90 R32 Natural Wonder
Distributor: Halco

The R32 Natural Wonder aka “Swamp Dog” features Halco’s unique speckled holographic background with a very appealing olive green back that turns to golden sides with a black scale print. One look at the colour and you will be hooked.

Initially devised with native species such as barra in mind, the new R32 was declared a stand out performer for its target species by anglers involved in the testing process.

Available in depths from 10cm to 8m, this exciting natural wonder colour will appeal to all anglers whether fishing clean water barra or dirty water barra, in impoundments or in the salt.

lucky craft pointer 78dd
Distributor: ej todd

Among the Pointer family, the Pointer Deep Diver has a large body, producing a unique action when strongly jerked.

Diving to the 5-7’ zone the pointer 78DD sits right in the face of most snag dwelling barra. Unlike the Staysee, which is subtler and hides its presence, this lure appeals strongly to the fish and throws them into a state of confusion and is the number one power bait in the Lucky Craft family. Made in Japan means it will swim perfectly every time.

lucky craft staysee 90
Distributor: ej todd

The Lucky Craft Staysee is a deep diving, suspending rip-bait that stays in a nose down position between rips. This ensures a deep diving action with every pull.

The Staysee's unique combination of rattles creates a gravity suspending action that also aids in long accurate casts. Offered in a wide range of colours, there is a Staysee that is right for any environment. So when fish are stubborn but still chasing deep bait, try a Staysee. Your luck will definitely change.

deka bokun blade
Distributor: ej todd

This larger blade (metal vibration) is fitted with four tow point options, letting you change the action depending on the fishing situation.

Jig them vertically, cast them long like a search bait, or hop them off the bottom like a plastic, this lure can do a variety of situations. Two double wire hooks help reduce snags and as the lure is made in Japan it will work perfectly from the first cast to the last.

Maria angel kiss
Distributor: ej todd

The Angel Kiss is fitted with a weight moving system that improves casting distance and accuracy as the weights move into the best position to balance the lure while casting.

With a loud rattle and rolling action the Angel Kiss is the perfect lure to twitch and tweak around structure for barra and other tropical fish as they find it hard to resist a lure jiggling around their noses.

The Angel Kiss comes in a range of natural and attractor colours and will be at home on many tropical forays where barra are the primary target.

Morethan Jerkslider 88SSR-F
Distributor: Daiwa

The Jerkslider combines the best of a popper, slider and jerkbait in the one surface lure.

Designed to be fished in a quick and erratic style, this lure can dive to 30cm or act as a surface lure, which wakes the surface and pops on jerks. The lure is tuned to be able to fish it at almost any speed from a slow twitch to a pelagic-style fast retrieve. The lure also features Daiwa’s Maglock casting system that sees weights shift around internally to provide the best casting every time.

Fitted with Owner hooks, the Jerkslider is ideal for surface predators that are attracted to the 3D eyes, realistic finishes and erratic action.


The Shoreline Shiner R50 is the ideal choice for anglers seeking an ultra long distance casting minnow.

Designed to be cast to surface feeding fish, the Shoreline Shiner features Daiwa’s long cast system – a sliding weight that automatically shifts the lure’s balance point to the rear for straight and true casting.

Retrieved with a slow wind or a jerky, erratic retrieve, the Shoreline Shiner R50 will really tease up those shallow water or weed bed loving barra.

SHORELINE SHINER Current Master Series

The Current Master was specifically designed to deal with fast currents, and the key is the bib design. The spear shaped lip and ultra narrow lip joint allow water to easily flow around the body preventing the lure from losing tracking. This creates minimal drag and means the lure can be cranked at almost any speed. The lure also employs Daiwa’s tungsten wire oscillation where the internal weights shift for casting and retrieve.

The Current Master series is ideal for fast current and river fishing and includes the 9cm and 11cm versions in a range of popular and fish attracting colours.

SHORELINE SHINER murokoshi max

Designed for long distance accuracy casts, this lure is one of Daiwa’s best diving minnows. This lure is ideal for casting at deepwater headlands and along rocky river edges for barra and has proven successful twitched amongst deep snags up north.

The lure also employs Daiwa’s tungsten wire oscillation where the internal weights shift for casting and retrieve giving bullet-like casting and balanced action when retrieved with a medium paced retrieve.


The R55+ is designed to be a great impoundment barra lure.

Created to swim in the top 50cm of water, this is the ideal bait for twitching around shallow weed beds, water lilies or snags.

Internally the R55+ features Daiwa’s silent oscillation system for casting performance and minimal sound for fishing to wary, shallow water fish.

Strike Pro Flex Phantom
Distributor: Juro Oz Pro Tackle

This lure was developed by the president of Strike Pro, Michael Tsai, and features action-enhancing body segments.

The Flex Phantom has a linked bike chain frame system that is incredibly strong and allows an amazing life-like swimming action. This lure features an in-built rattle system, heavy duty Owner trebles and has a track record in testing on large impoundment barramundi. Available in two sizes, medium and large, the Strike Pro Flex Phantom is an interesting addition to the barramundi hard lure market.

Strike Pro Mundi Magic
Distributor: Juro Oz Pro Tackle

The Juro Oz Pro team in conjunction with Strike Pro developed this lure and barramundi were the intended target.

The Mundi Magic is a true suspending bait that is perfect for working over shallow weed beds or over the top of snags and structure. Diving to around 60cm (2 feet), this lure, when paused, suspends in brackish and fresh water. In-built rattles, VMC permasteel hooks and an irresistible action make the Mundi Magic a classic barramundi lure.

Strike Pro Hunchback
Distributor: Juro Oz Pro Tackle

This diving minnow has a head down, swaying action when retrieved and features an extra loud rattle to wake up shut down fish.

Fitted with Owner trebles to ensure the best hook up rate, this lure is designed to target barra holding in deeper water and its small size does not put off wary fish. Successful in trials from impoundments through to wild rivers, the Hunchback will also appeal to myriad other species.

Damiki Arowana 130
Distributor: Searing Tackle

The Damiki Arowana is a surface lure that sits vertically in the water.

It features loud rattles as well as a hole that runs through the nose of the lure to the top of the head. When worked with short, sharp stabs of the rod, this hole allows water to spurt out in an energetic stream that attracts predators.

By moving the rod tip in an up down or side to side cadence, the Arowana can be made to walk-the-dog, and barra just love the walk-the-dog action in still water fisheries.

Distributor: Searing Tackle

The Damiki Shadow Tail is a slow sinking lipless and jointed hard bait that mimics the action of real fish.

A slow retrieve has the lure producing a slight rolling action with an occasional kick of the tail. But the real beauty of this lure is seen when you work the rod tip. You can make this lure slide from side to side like a flick bait or pause and glide it around weed and structure.

Faster retrieves with consistent rod pulses will have the Shadow Tail almost walking-the-dog under the water. This lure is perfect for shy fish in clear water as it is visually spectacular in use.

Storm Rattlin’ Chug Bug
Distributor: Freetime Group

Remember those favourite colour patterns that took you to top water heaven? Well, now they’re back with the relaunch of the Rattlin’ Chug Bug.

The Rattlin’ Chug Bug brings back seven original colours and patterns that are sure to bring top water Zen to all angling enthusiasts. These do-everything topwater lures spit, dart, chug and walk-the-dog while the back teaser tail hook and seals the fish-clenching deal.

Chug Bugs weigh in from 7-26g with the majority of that contained in the tail to allow for long ripping casts toward those far away snags. Available in 6cm through to 11cm and displayed in the original Storm clam packaging. Here’s to old favourites and their return.

Storm Mag Thunderstick
Distributor: Freetime Group

Filling in the gap, ThunderStick enthusiasts can now choose from a 5.5” or 6.5” body length with the new Mag ThunderStick MadFlash size 13 and 16.

Both feature the classic ThunderStick rolling action presented in a beefy magnum size. Ten colours in total with four metallic and holographic finishes new to the Storm range maximise flash on the retrieve. Sporting an external scale pattern and Red VMC Barbarian hooks, you’ll be hooking into the big boys in a flash.

Rapala Slide and Glide
Distributor: Freetime Group

When big game fish prefer a gentle, sliding glide cadence rather than an aggressive side-to-side, it’s time to break out the new Glidin’ Rap 12 from Rapala.

This smooth moving, big game seeker features a wide body profile, which keeps the Glidin’ Rap on a glide path to success, displaying an extended gliding motion that is unique among big fish lures.

Fish the Glidin’ Rap 12 to experience the ultimate in big fish angling action. On the retrieve, twitch the Glidin’ Rap with your rod tip and it seems to hang and glide through the water forever; twitch it again and it comes back. It’s not an aggressive action, but rather, an action like that of a baitfish riding the cool currents.

The momentum is on your side when the Glidin’ Rap takes a ride, and then when the glide ends, the ride extends as it rocks, stabilizes and shifts to a gentle flutter.

But, if you reel it straight in, the Glidin’ Rap has an irregular, yet subtle hunting action that veers from side-to-side just enough to make it look nervous and vulnerable — enticing the weariest of fish into striking.

The Glidin’ Rap 12 looks and acts differently than a minnow or shad style bait, adding yet another big fish tantalizer to your collection. Its balsa body features stout twin VMC treble hooks, ensuring you hook and hold the biggest and fastest fish in both fresh and saltwater.

At 4.75” and with six color patterns to choose from, all you need to do is glide one on for a flight path to big game success.

Rapala X-Rap Sub Walk
Distributor: Freetime Group

Introducing four new X-Rap finishes with a running depth of zero to four feet combined with the strike inducing, slow sinking-on-the-pause action that only Rapala can produce.

Anglers will be setting the hook left right and centre! Equipped with a front VMC Black Nickel Belly Hook and a rear VMC SureSet Flash Feather Teaser Tail, the SubWalk 09 ensures anglers won’t have to worry about losing their next wall hanger ever again.

Rapala Clackin’ Rap
Distributor: Freetime Group

This new lipless Clackin’ Rap crankbait creates a distinctive sound and vibration profile that allows fish to zero in. The uniquely designed sound chamber features a single steel ball and external metal discs that transmit a distinctive clackin’ sound with maximum vibration – metal on metal transmits farther in water than metal balls on a plastic body.

The translucent textured body with internal holographic foil creates an extremely seductive flash – fully equipped with a premium VMC black nickel Sure Set belly hook and round bend tail hook. Simply cast allowing the lure to swim down to the desired depth, clackin’ and rattlin’ all the way in a rhythmic cadence then steadily retrieve.

At 8cm and 25g boasting legendary X-Rap finishes in 6 desirable colours, the Rapala Clackin’ Rap is a must have lure for those days when the bite just isn’t happening.

Storm ThunderCrank MadFlash
Distributor: Freetime Group

Anglers know that when a lure replicates a wounded minnow, fish will follow and bite.

The mad scientists at Storm have taken the wounded minnow action and added a dose of high-octane kung fu kick to the tail with the new ThunderCrank MadFlash. This tight wobbling crankbait features a pronounced tail kick that moves faster than a martial arts movie in fast forward, drawing in the big predators.

The ThunderCrank MadFlash features a translucent body with holographic insert and is available in ten color patterns — each featuring the Madflash signature external scale pattern. Available in three sizes ranging from 2.5-4” long with a running depth from 5-15 feet. The Storm ThunderCrank MadFlash is built complete with Red VMC Barbarian hooks to provide ultimate holding power.

Rapala X-RAP Jointed Shad
Distributor: Freetime Group

The adrenaline pumping X-Rap Jointed Shad has Xtreme hard-kicking tail action that triggers the attack instinct in aggressive dominant predators found in both fresh and saltwater.

Articulated tail partners with a high flash profile and classic Rapala swimming action. Engineered to suspend with a subtle tail movement as the lure comes to a rest.

Distributor: Gus Veness
Distributor: Gus Veness

At 110mm and 14.8g, the Hawk HB Bazza is a classic shallow twitching barramundi lure.

With a quick float rate, and a tight action and body roll, the Bazza is designed to be twitched and jerked subsurface around snags, weedbeds and channels. Available in six colours (gold black back, purple spot, mackerel, gold scale, fire tiger and red head), the Bazza comes fitted with chemically sharpened VMC trebles and is available at all good tackle stores at around $9.95.

Hawk HB Twitcher
Distributor: Gus Veness

At 115mm and 17g, the Hawk HB Twitcher is a slow sinking jerk bait with a unique slow rolling action. Perfect for when the fish are shy or inactive, the Twitcher can be slow sunk into the zone then twitched or slow rolled in the fish's face.

Available in six colours (gold black back, purple spot, mackerel, gold scale, fire tiger and red head) the Twitcher comes fitted with chemically sharpened VMC trebles and is available at all good tackle stores at around $9.95.

Hawk HB Jaywalk
Distributor: Gus Veness

At 110mm and 25.5g, the Hawk HB Jaywalk is a long casting topwater lure that induces huge surface strikes from barra. A walk the dog style lure, the Jaywalk can be both walked at varying speeds or quickly ripped to cause it to skitter across the surface like a frightened baitfish.

Available in six colours (gold black back, black purple, mackerel, clear, ayu and white silver), the Jaywalk comes fitted with chemically sharpened VMC trebles and is available at all good tackle stores at around $9.95.

Reidy’s JUNIOR B52
Distributor: Reidy’s Lures

One of the latest additions to the Reidy`s range is the smaller B52. After many requests from fisho’s for a smaller version of the popular B52 the team worked on this version from September 2007 and have sent approximately 800 testing lures around Australia.

The buzz about this lure has been amazing since it was released to the market in late October 2008.

The Junior will swim at 2-3ft and is slow to rise when paused making this an excellent lure around shallow snags and weed beds. With constant twitches of the rod tip the lure will dart and imitate a scared baitfish. The lure can also be trolled with success at slow troll speeds with gentle twitches of the rod tip for the dart and pause effect. This was the method used at Shady Camp Freshwater billabong on a testing session and the results were fantastic.

The Junior B52 is 100mm and weighs 16g. The lure is fitted with two heavy duty size 2 treble hooks and heavy duty split rings. The body and bib are made from ABS plastic.

Reidy’s J WALKER
Distributor: Reidy’s Lures

The J Walker is one of the latest lures to enter the Reidy’s range. The designer Jeff Reid developed the lure to add to the surface lure range at Reidy’s.

The J Walker is a walk the dog style surface lure and when working the rod tip the lure works in a side to side motion across the surface of the water. The J Walker imitates fleeing prey on the water surface and the most exciting use of surface lures is that you see the action. The lure is great for any surface feeding fish

The J Walker is 100mm and weighs 32g. The lure is fitted with two heavy duty size 1 treble hooks and heavy duty split rings.

Distributor: Reidy’s Lures

The Big Lucifer is another late addition to the Reidy`s range. The lure follows the design of the ever popular Little Lucifer. This lure was developed at the same time as the Junior B52 and has also seen around 900 lures sent around Australia for testing purposes.

The Big Lucy hit the market in late October 2008. The lure can dive to about 8 feet when trolled and also can be used with cast and retrieve method. The lure has a very fast but tight tail beat, body roll and internal rattles. Whether trolling or casting, the lure can be worked by twitching the rod tip to imitate fleeing baitfish. The Big Lucifer is 85mm excluding the bib and weighs 18g, it is fitted with two heavy duty size 2 treble hooks and heavy duty split rings.

The Big Lucifer is made in China with Reidy’s tooling and is made to Reidy’s quality specifications. The body and bib are made from ABS plastic.

Distributor: Reidy’s Lures

The Soopa Bloopa has been in the Reidy’s stables for many years and was retired whilst the J Walker was being developed but after many requests for the lure the team at Reidy’s gave the lure a face lift (new colours) and it is now back in production.

When worked with big twitches of the rod tip the lure sends out bloops and along with water disturbance surface feeding fish are attracted. The Soopa Bloopa is 85mm and weighs 12g; the lure is fitted with two heavy duty size 4 treble hooks and heavy duty split rings. The body of the lure is made from ABS plastic.

Oar-Gee Oarsome Barra
Distributor: Oar-Gee lures

Following on from their freshwater lures for Murray cod, bass and golden perch, Oar-Gee® Lures recently released the Oarsome™ range of barra/saltwater lures.

The patent pending bib and lure design has been developed with strength and action as a main priority. Two new bib models have been released this season with the sub surface model and the 8m model.

The Oarsome™ range now covers most fishing scenarios from lake trolling to casting the mangroves. These lures have been designed to move and twitch with minimal effort from the angler, using the rod tip will keep the lure in the strike zone much longer than the conventional rip and strip method. The body roll is evident from the instant the lure is retrieved which starts the rattles moving across the internal rib system creating a lot of noise.

Oarsome™ lures are all fitted with VMC 9626PS size 1 trebles and 5H split rings and the integrated tow point makes for a lure that can be used straight from the box without the need to upgrade hooks or rings or adding rings or clips to the tow point.

As with all Oar-Gee® Lures they are fully manufactured and designed in Australia using the latest technology and materials available. The full ultrasonically welded bodies and patent pending bib locking system results in a lure that any angler can be confident in using to target that barra of a lifetime.

trollcraft Barramundi dreaming
Distributor: otm

Experienced fishermen know this product well as they are extremely reliable and half the price of the big brand names.

Trollcraft has sold over a million barramundi lures in Australia. The reason they have been so successful is that all Trollcraft lures are pressure tested to a depth of 50m, which means they never leak and go out of tune.

The Barramundi Dreaming models all have super strength split rings and heavy duty VMC trebles. Find out more on our website www.trollcraft.com.au.

Tru Tungsten Tru-life swimbait
Distributor: Finatical Tackle

Swimbaits are an amazingly lifelike lure that just screams that they will catch fish and the Tru-Life Swimbait simply adds to the swimbait legend.

Tru-Life Swimbaits are a collaborative design created by Tru-Tungsten and American swimbait kings Ish Monroe and Matt Newman.

This swimbait is three baits in one: floater/wakebait, slow sinker, fast sinker. Each come with removable Tungsten balls made to fit in the built-in chamber. The quantity of the balls can be adjusted to customise the fall rate. The Tru-Life Swimbaits mimic a fish's natural movement using a four segment design and adjustable weight chamber technology. Life-like scales, eyes and paint schemes makes this an irresistible lure for barra other game fish.

Jackall Doozer
Distributor: Jackall bros (aust)

Bigger baits mean bigger fish. Introducing the Doozer, Jackalls XOS lipless crankbait.

At a massive 85mm and available in sinking and floating models, the Doozer is a granddaddy bait that will appeal to a wide variety of large sport fish. From small GT over reefy flats to slow rolling for Murray cod and barra, Doozer’s unique rattle will grab the attention of any serious predator.

Jackall Tranzam
Distributor: Jackall bros (aust)

A soft durable 95mm, 20g vibration lure with a natural swim action that is constantly being imported in new and exciting colours.

This lure has proven to be dynamite on snapper, jewfish and all saltwater species, but it is just recently that barra impoundment anglers and those chasing barra around headlands and beaches have discovered just how effective this lure is on our prime tropical species.

Equipped with hooks that can stand the punishment, the action is not seriously depleted if upgraded terminal hardware is used.

stiffy barra diver
Distributor: dunphy sports

The Barra Diver comes in shallow and medium diving models making them ideal to be worked over weed beds or deeper lying timber or snags where the irresistible tremble of a hard body lure is required to provoke a strike.

The shallow and deep versions of the Barra Diver are 110mm and 130mm in length respectively and come in nine spectacular colours including new transparent patterns that are sure to be a hit at your local impoundment or river. All models feature Owner hooks and rings.

stiffy twitch bait
Distributor: dunphy sports

Coming in nine great colours the Twitch Bait is simply dynamite for all aspects of barra fishing whether it be trolling in front of tricky snags or casting into them.

This shallow diving lure (within 1m) features a through-wired construction, resonating ball bearing rattles and comes with tough Owners rings and hooks. And the fact that Bushy had a hand in its design will mean that it works straight from the box every time.

Tropic Angler Floater
Distributor: Tropic Angler

The Tropic Angler Floater is a classic cast and retrieve, twitching lure that accounts for thousands of barra every year. This lure’s unique roll and flash action, has accounted for a number of barra in excess of 30kg!

The TA Floater features VMC trebles as standard (with an Owner ST66 treble upgrade option), high flash holographic tape, sonic rattles and all lures are hand tank tested.

Not happy to rest on their success though, the team at Tropic Angler are always developing new colours to the range and the offering for the 08/09 season is the Motley Crew. With an olive green back, gold and chrome sides, down to a white belly, and with a pink lateral line and vertical dark grey bands, this new colour is the classic natural baitfish profile, and the bright mix of colours lead to it being dubbed the Motley Crew. Check it out in the 13cm and 12cm Floater as well as the Poddy range.

Bassman Barra Spinnerbait
Distributor: Bassman

It seems these days that people have taken up the challenge of catching particular species on as many different techniques as possible and just recently spinnerbaits have been thrown into the barra ring. Even though barra have always been targeted with hardbodied divers, poppers and more recently soft plastics, many anglers are experimenting with spinnerbaits now to try for the next generation on barra code crackers.

Some success has been had with very specific designs and it will be very interesting to see what will eventuate with a little tweaking and refining. Single willow blades in gold and chrome colour have so far proven to be successful, as have smaller single Colorados on a heavy duty wire. Being able to work a heavier head with a smaller blade across a shallow weed bed or flat at speed gets the reaction an angler is after.

Long casts are also achievable and when a little depth is necessary just a pause to allow it to sink and the blades to flutter will often result in a strike. We will keep you posted as things progress.

Distributor: L.Wilson & co.

The Slapper is a medium to deep diving minnow that is available in 10 colours and has been totally designed in Australian. Due for release in December, the Slapper has undergone extensive testing in Australian conditions and the team at Wilson’s have found the Slapper to be a great catcher of fish.

A Super Rattle creates large amount of noise to attract fish from distance, while the natural and attractor colour schemes, coupled with Lazer Eyes, mean fish will not miss this lure whether you are fishing a dirty run off river or a gin clear billabong or impoundment.

Chemically sharpened trebles make sure fish that strike are hooked, and each lure is tank tested before packaging for sale.

Ecogear BM 125F
Distributor: JML Trading

The BM 125F has been designed specifically for the many freshwater impoundments where highly pressured barra have become selective with lure choice.

This lure is a shallow diving jerkbait that has a very pronounced body roll, which allows the angler to target a variety of structure types with confidence. With the use of the Australian Pro Staff’s experience and the finest Japanese lure technology, Ecogear has produced one of the most advanced barra lures ever sold in Australia and the new colours for the 2009 season look set to shine.

Ecogear MW 105F
Distributor: jml Trading

This shallow diving, slow floating jerkbait has been designed for anglers wanting maximum action with little forward movement to entice wary fish away from structure.

With its enormous body wobble and shallow water capabilities, the MW 105F has the perfect blend of strength and Japanese innovation to allow anglers to tackle the largest barra in fresh- and saltwater environments.

Ecogear TP 88F
Distributor: JML Trading

The TP 88F is a uniquely shaped surface walker that is irresistible to barra in fresh- and saltwater environments.

Sitting high in the water, this surface walker is easily manoeuvred through the toughest terrain to entice the most lure-hardened barra to strike. Featuring chemically sharpened trebles and a tough, no-nonsense construction, this surface walker will be a big hit on barra this season

Classic Barra
Distributor: Basser Millyard

The latest release from Australia’s favourite barra lure maker, Classic Lures, is colour #38 – albino.

Initially available in the Classic 120 Barra and Classic 120 Pro-Alternative models, this colour was specifically designed for Queensland impoundment fishing, after many requests from locals for a pure white lure with a red eye.

Already proving a winner on waters such as Lake Monduran and Awoonga, it seems anglers in the Northern Territory have also found this colour to be highly effective on saltwater barra as well.

Classic 120 Barra +20
Distributor: Basser Millyard

Australia’s all-time greatest barra lure, the Classic 120 Barra, is now available in a +20ft version; perfect for both casting and deep trolling.

This recent addition brings the depth range out to a +3, +10 +15 and +20, and means there is now a Classic 120 model to suit all depths from the surface down to 20ft. Available in all Classic Lures colour patterns the added dimension the 20ft+ diver is sure to please anglers fishing for suspended barra in the lakes and those trolling or casting to deep features and rock bars in the rivers. Who knows you may even scare up a few fingermark on the reefs with this lure?

Get your head around this lot

While this list is not totally exhaustive, it does show the attention lure manufacturers are paying to our premier northern sportfish, the barramundi.

Whether you fish in the impoundments or the rivers and estuaries up north, there will definitely be something in this list of new hardbodied barra lures to make you rush out and grab a few for your next trip.

Luckily though, Fishing Monthly Group has decided to provide you all with an opportunity to win a swag of the lures we gathered for this test. While not every lure in the test will be available, there are still plenty of lures in the kit – and what’s better is that they are all new!

To enter into the competition, which will be drawn early February 2009 after we publish the second part of this series on new barra lures – the new plastic barra lures – simply log onto www.australianbarra.com.au and look for the link to the competition page. You’ll have to be a little bit creative and let us know in 25 words or less why these new barra lures will give you more success this season and into the future.

In the meantime, drop into your nearest tackle store with the article and make a point of checking out some of the new lure first hand. I had an absolute blast playing around with these new lures and I am sure you will too.

Manufacturer/ DistributorLureModelsColoursWeight (g)Length (cm)Trolling/Casting/BothBody MaterialRunning Depth (m)Float/Sink/Suspend $RRP
DaiwaMorethan Jerkslider88SSR-F5118.8CastingPlasticSurfaceF $26.00
Shoreline ShinerR50414.412CastingPlastic1F $26.00
Current Master 9DR-F-G412.59.3BothPlastic2.5F $27.00
Current Master 11S-G41811CastingPlastic1.5F $27.00
Murokoshi Max 13F-G422.513CastingPlastic3F $28.00
R55+SSR F-G43014CastingPlastic0.5F $30.00
Searing TackleDamikiArowana 13042913CastingPlasticSurfaceF $19.85
Shadow Tail62011CastingPlasticVariableS$17.40
Strike ProFlex PhantomLarge385.517BothPlastic/WireVariableS $28.95
Small331.613BothPlastic/WireVariableS $28.95
Mundi Magic624.812.5BothPlastic0.6Sus $12.95
Hunchback613.16.8BothPlastic5F $14.95
HalcoRMG Scorpion15013015BothPlastic3.5F $16.00
125 XDD12012.5TrollingPlastic8.2F $17.00
Skin Deep1159CastingPlastic0.1F $15.00
Laser Pro120DD112BothPlastic2.5F $14.00
Rapala Freetime GroupStormChug Bug 06676CastingPlasticSurfaceF $14.20
Saltwater Chug Bug 084108CastingPlasticSurfaceF $17.50
Saltwatr Chug Bug 1152611CastingPlasticSurfaceF $17.50
Mag ThunderStik 13102514CastingPlastic2.2F $14.95
Mag ThunderStik 16104116.5CastingPlastic3.1F $16.95
ThunderBlade 096289BothMetalVariableS $12.95
ThunderCrank Madflash 06696BothPlastic3F $12.99
ThunderCrank Madflash 087118BothPlastic4F $13.49
ThunderCrank Madflash 1072810BothPlastic/Wire4.5F $14.49
RapalaClackin'Rap 086258BothPlasticVariableS $26.95
X-Rap Jointed Shad 1314613BothPlasticVariableS $25.99
X-Rap Subwalk 094199CastingPlasticVariableS $27.95
Glidin'Rap 1265012CastingTimber/WireVariableS $37.95
Gus VenessHawkBazza614.811CastingPlastic0.7F $9.95
Twitcher61711.5CastingPlasticVariableS $9.95
Jaywalk625.511CastingPlasticSurfaceF $9.95
Reidy's LuresReidy'sJ Walker63210CastingPlasticSurfaceF $15.00
Big Lucifer12188.5BothPlastic2.4F $15.00
Soopa Bllopa6128.5CastingPlasticSurfaceF $15.00
Junior B52121610CastingPlastic0.9F $15.00
EJ ToddLucky CraftPointer 78DD89.67.8CastingPlastic2.1Sus $26.00
Staysee 90712.59.2CastingPlastic3Sus $26.00
JazzDeka Bokun Blade8309CastingMetalVariableS $19.00
MariaAngel Kiss82714CastingPlastic0.6F $21.00
Oar-Gee LuresOar-GeeOarsome 130123213BothPlastic0.3, 3, 5, 8F $17.00
Oarsome 9012219BothPlastic0.3, 3, 5F $17.00
Frogleys OffshoreMegaBassGiant Dog X SW516.59.8CastingPlasticSurfaceF $32.95
Anthrax 10051410.5CastingPlastic0.1F $48.95
Live-X Leviathan5149CastingPlastic3Sus $35.95
Vision 100 Miyabi SW51410CastingPlastic0.9F $48.95
Vision One Ten SW51411CastingPlastic0.8F $42.95
Lively LuresArafura BarraArafura Shallow102412CastingPlastic0.5F $17.95
Dunphy SportsStiffyBarra Diver 110917BothPlastic1.8F $14.95
Barra Diver 130924BothPlastic3F $14.95
Twitch Bait924BothPlastic0.9F $14.95
Finatical TackleTru TungstenTru-Life Tilapia Swimbait37716CastingPlasticVariableAll $49.95
Tru TungstenTru-Life Trout Swimbait29620CastingPlasticVariableAll $49.95
Tropic AnglerTA Floater130132313BothPlastic0.9F $15.95
120121812CastingPlastic0.9F $15.95
L. Wilson & Co.Slapper120101612BothPlastic3F $13.00
JML TradingEcogearBM 125F152512.5bothPlastic1F $30.00
MW 105F81010.5BothPlastic1F $23.00
TP 88F5178.8CastingPlasticSurfaceF $25.00
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